Glitch Photography --WINNERS ANNOUNCED--

Have you ever snapped a great photo of glitch and wondered what to do with it? Well, here is your chance.
Post your best shot of glitch here, for a chance to win 3 Cubimal boxes, 2 diamonds, and 1 Seasoned Bean (winners selection.)
Max 3 shots per glitchen, contest is valid until April 1st. Lots of time!
No stealing photos from others, and yes, other glitchen may be in the shot. Decorating is fine, but NO PHOTOSHOP/EDITING TOOLS. If I find a shot which looks edited, it will be banned unless proof of picture is given. Please post where you took your photo, and if anyone else was in the photo, please tag them in it too. Thank you and good luck!
EDIT: Since I was laughing so hard at all of them, there will now be THREE winners. The prizes:
1st Place: 3 Cubimal Boxes, 2 Diamonds, and 3 Essences(winners selection.)
2nd Place: 1 Cubimal Box, 1 Purple Sno Cone, and 3 Seasoned Beans(winners selection)
3rd Place: 1 Rainbow Juice Potion, 1 Charades Potion, and 1 Sapphire and Ruby.

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