New group: The Fiber Exchange

Stoot said it: There's no plan to create a keyboard-based fox brushing mechanism. Some Glitchen just can't brush a fox without pain. I am a firm believer that Glitching shouldn't hurt. Auctioning fiber cheap just means that snipers will buy it and resell it at crazy-high prices. So I give you

The Fiber Exchange
Does fox brushing cause you pain?

Does it cause you pain to know that Glitching causes other people pain? Are you turned off by the idea of profiting from others' pain with exorbitant fiber prices? Are you handy with a fox brush?

You've all come to the right place. The Fiber Exchange is a group for people with fiber-to-spare to connect with people who are shut out of affordable/comfortable/possible fiber collection. The clicky-pointy interface for fox brushing will be with us for the foreseeable future, so join us in keeping textiles accessible to all Glitchen! 

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  • I'm in! Great initiative, Aleph :)
    Posted 6 years ago by Aurora Dellaterra Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Great idea :) I like gathering fiber and would welcome trading it with other glitches for resources.
    Posted 6 years ago by MaryLiLamb Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Great idea...will give me something to do to help some folks that need it...vice just harvesting for myself...
    Posted 6 years ago by b3achy Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I've been working late all week and haven't tried my luck with the foxes yet. Regardless of which side I fall on, I'm in. This is a fantastic idea Aleph!
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  • I'm in. Although, with the current mechanics - I'm unable to collect when other people are around - I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute. As long as I don't run into the "I don't care that you have problems, this is where I'm going to stand" crew, I'll donate plenty.
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  • Great idea! I'm in.
    Posted 6 years ago by Mollie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Awesome! I would love to have an invite as I am maxed on groups.
    Posted 6 years ago by diaveborn ? Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Great idea! I'd love an invite, please!
    Posted 6 years ago by Fernstream Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It's so sweet to see the group grow so quickly. I suspect that we have way more brushers than non-brushers signed up, so don't be shy if y'all need fiber!
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  • I'd also love an invite, if you get a chance.
    What an awesome idea, Aleph.
    Posted 6 years ago by Joan Holloway Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I love brushing foxes, its like a game within the game. I'm sure I'll end up with a surplus, good idea Aleph!
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  • Please could you also invite me as I am also maxed on groups - a very glitchian idea I'd love to be part of. 
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  • Fox brushing isnt that hard
    Posted 6 years ago by EarthtoGrace Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It's pretty hard if you don't have great control over the mouse or if it hurts to drag and drop, EarthToGrace.
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  • I'm just going to give an example of how it can hurt. I have CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome, which causes me to have the inability to properly control blood flow, feeling (sensation), and temperature to the affected area, which is from the left side of my neck down to my right arm. The drag and drop really bothers me. It increases the loss of sensation and if I gathered fiber for more than a few mins, then I really wouldn't be able to do the RL things that I enjoy and need to do, that use the same movements or create the same pain.
    Luckily, I have lots of currants and can buy fiber that I need but this group allows me to give to the people who have it much worse than I do and those people do exist. I hope that they share their stories just to let TS understand that many Glitches deal with real physical limitations. Thankfully, the wonderful Glitch community has stepped up and found a way to offer reasonable bartering, free fiber and most of all compassion:)
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  • Well said Enid.  I agree that more should share their stories.  I know some won't because they don't want any sort of exception to the game playing experience or what they consider to be special treatment from fellow players.  However, I think it would help the TS folks understand that sometimes a game is much more than a game.  It can be a way for people who are bed-ridden or house-bound or who have other disabilities be more 'normal' in a virtual environment.  It is one of those insanely intangible benefits of MMO games like this, that often developers and other players can't completely grasp, since they aren't in that situation.

    While I can understand that the dynamics of fiber gathering is probably a very tough one to develop some keyboard options for (so much of it is a timing issue), and yes, is only one of many other things to do in game.  Hopefully, this experience for TS will make them think harder about creating an environment where people with physical disabilities can have a level playing field in their gaming least it may help them to understand how critical it is for some players to have keyboard options just to play the game, and ensure that, where possible, they make future alternate keyboard capabilities for things that are planned, but not launched yet.

    It definitely opened my eyes to the benefits of keyboard playing (I'm more of a mouser, and truly didn't understand the draw to keyboard actions other than just a personal preference) for folks with various physical challenges when using the mouse. And my rule of thumb is that for every player that speaks up in the forums, there are probably 4-5 lurking with the same issue or problem or struggle.

    And I think we've all learned that in situations like this, it would be helpful to have TS folks be a bit more compassionate, than flippant, and do their best to explain why keyboard alternates aren't going to happen, so then they can call on the Glitch player community to come up with an alternate plan to assist - this truly is a give/take situation between devs and players (unlike so many other games out there) let the community give when the devs aren't able to - for whatever reason.  Kudos to Aleph Zero for forming the group...and kudos to those that are joining to help their fellow glitchen.
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  • This is a wonderful idea Aleph Zero. Thank you for thinking of it! :D

    And thank you Enid, for sharing your story. 
    Posted 6 years ago by Wynella Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ahh I see. I'd like to help out in that case :)
    Posted 6 years ago by EarthtoGrace Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I would like an invite please
    Posted 6 years ago by Mystbecky Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Wow, this is a great idea! I'd be glad to help... could I get an invite, please?
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  • I will share my story too.  I have RSI in my index finger and forearm from using a mouse too much for too many years. I work on computers for a living and it's caught up to me.  When I do something that aggravates the RSI,  I get burning tendon pain up the back of my hand and forearm, and even pain reaching into my elbow.  Unfortunately by the time I feel the pain it's too late because my tendons are inflamed. The inflammation lasts a long time once it's triggered RL things I can normally do without issues become painful for days.  It's Saturday and I am still having twinges of pain up the back of my right hand from my ill-considered experiment with fox-brushing Wednesday.

    I do have plenty of currants to buy fiber and I love cooking and making drinks so I have nice things to trade like earthshakers, stew, and humbabas.  Having other players say "hey, we'll help" while I was sitting there with ice on my hand was really awesome.

    I wonder about my future in Giltch though.  TS doesn't seem at all concerned about accessibility, which really surprised me given how flexible the game controls were before they introduced fox brushing.  I can play and still have plenty of fun with one activity shut out, but I wonder whether eventually I will be shut out of more activities?
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  • Well, if it's sharing time, I'll jump in for some perspective-granting too.

    I have an extremely rare metabolic condition that results in, among other things, myoclonic twitches that happen most often in my limbs.  This effectively means that when I'm using a mouse, my hand may abruptly go to somewhere a few or even several inches away.  This can be set off by wanting to move the mouse or click*.  The more I have to concentrate and hold myself still, the more likely it is that my shoulder, arm, or hand will start doing its own thing instead of what I would like.  I use the mouse or a tablet when I can, because I've found that keeping up with a moderate level of activity generally makes the bad days less frequent... sadly, however, fox brushing does not seem to qualify as a thing that's helpful.   My arm and half of my hand (ring and pinky fingers, so it's the ulnar nerve) will also go numb if I have to hold it in one position for too long.  So for me, like others, fox brushing is "that hard".  Glitch is otherwise a game that's safe for me to play on bad days, because there's a variety of control options for pretty much everything else.

    While I don't currently plan to avail myself of it, it warms my heart to know that there are glitchlings who want to help offset the poor accessibility of the current design. Please continue reaffirming that this community is wonderful.

    * The type of myoclonus I seem to have is similar to cortical reflex myoclonus; it involves a small set of muscles at a time and can be triggered by particular motions.  
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  • Thank you for sharing your perspectives, Lucille & MM. I know many people who just don't grasp how what they view as being a simple task could be near impossible for others. I think your stories are enlightening. :)

    I wonder what type of accessibility cases TS tests for.
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  • I'll help. My computer is pretty fast and I can get a thousand fibers in under five minutes so I have heaps to spare.
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  • Just want to add my thank you to everyone who has shared their stories. Perhaps if TS staff are watching this thread, it will show them that accessibility really is an important aspect of game design, and that tact when addressing disabilities is a very important aspect of customer service.  I've always found the TS staff very helpful and understanding, so if was really off-putting to me to see them deal with this issue in such a flippant manner.
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  • I agree Aurora, and like I said in the other thread, I can only assume it was the result of a very bad day. I think the responses were more shocking by virtue of them being so diametrically opposed to what we usually see. i.e., If we weren't used to being treated with kindness, we wouldn't be so surprised at suddenly being beaten with a stick.
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  • I have a very normal, but often very painful, Carpal Tunnel Sindrome. I 'should' have it operated  but keep putting it off because I've had enough surgery in my life for a dozen people already :)
    I can manage 3 or 4 foxes in a game session and as long as that's enough for my needs I'm good with it, but it's wonderful to know you exist in case more is necessary :-D
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  • Audaria - yes, I'm hoping that that's the case.  It made me very sad and confused, but hopefully the staff will be back to their normal, lovely selves once some of the update work is done. *crosses fingers*
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  • May I have an invite please?  I'm happy to help.
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