Kukubee's face all over the place? (lol)

This seems like I run into this often...
I see this a lot in Alakol too.

Aaand Kukubee's avatar.

Not sure if this belongs in Off-Topic...

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  • I thought it was a mushroom.

    But, you know, Kukubee does do art, right?
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  • Yeah, he must've sneaked in and put his face all over Ur ;)
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  • I would do the same if it was me!
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  • You're right, this is an abomination!
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  • "now is the kukubee winter of our discontent!"
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  • I've seen another one recently somewhere  in the world. Interesting. I didn't notice the resemblance. I love this game. <3 
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  • Two in Ramsley Sway!:
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  • As I recall, there are also Kukubee stones in Bonebottle Sands, Ferncaster End, Anrasan Glance, and Dhab Habit. There might even be one in Hell, if I remember correctly.

    I love stumbling across them. They're always half-buried, like ancient ruins. One can only wonder if at some point in the history of Ur there was a Cult of Kukubee, and all we see now are the remnants of the old shrines. Perhaps there are still those among us who worship. I would say more, but then I'd have to kill you.
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  • I imagine it more like the rising of a stone Kukubee army.

    Prepare for the invasion- bring picks.
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  • HA! I had seen those statues and always wondered what the backstory was...if perhaps there would be an archaeological explanation...didn't think of a dev, lol.
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  • Kinda like 'hidden Mickeys' at Disney World/ here we have 'hidden Kukubees'...wonder if he'd give us a hint at how many there are so we know when we've found them all...
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  • I believe the street spirits might have been made like Kukubee.
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  • Well, Obviously before the 11 Giants we know, there were several Super Giants or Titans.  Kukubee is one of them.  In the beginning there were no Glitchen and Ur was beautiful but lonely and devoid or flowers and other decorations.  The Titans got together and discussed this and decided that there should be more beauty in the world and they decided that Kukubee should create it.  Kukubee considered this and, having seen no other beings in Ur, molded a unique creature that resembled himself.  He breathed on it and set it into Groddle and it stirred.  It began to move and walk about.  Something was missing though and the Titans all agreed that this creature, this Glitch (for it was missing something) should be given "Imagination".  So, they all breathed on it and it began to "Imagine".  They gave it tools so it could create and so it began to create what it knew best - Statues of Kukubee! 

    At first these were indeed statues with bodies and arms and legs but as time passed and the years grew long and the Glitchen increased, the bodies of these statues were chipped away in order to build things and make monuments (you can see many of them still in places like Anrasan Glance).  Soon nothing was left of the statues of Kukubee but the heads and that is what still remains today, images of our Creator, the Titan who made us in his image and placed us in Ur.
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  • so many theories... there should be an official academic institute devoted to Glitchopology, Glitch Historical Studies and Kukubee Photobombing Research
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  • Does this mean that Kukubee was the One True GOD, but the giants killed him off and tried to hide the evidence that he ever existed?

    (Wow, this predates Trisor!)
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  • Duhn duhn dunn. *Dramatic music plays*

    Let's worship Kukubee now.
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  • The Playt God may have had a hand in things
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  • Heehee - I've seen these around but never realised they were Kukubee, thanks for pointing it out! He has a cute face so if he's all over Ur, that's to the good :)
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  • Don't forget the buried one...
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