When I work hard on something...

... it's nice to see some acknowledgment of my work, even if it's not perfect.  When my students make something a school, when they put thought and time into their projects I take some time to ask them about what they made and tell them something I notice about their work because I value their efforts and respect their time.

Hey TS, I noticed that you worked really hard on this game and I appreciate the effort. 

I just want to let everyone who works on the game know that the loudest players do not always represent the opinions of the majority.  I will quietly (well, except for this post) continue renewing my subscription because I appreciate the thought put both into the game and behind it.  Thanks.

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  • You JUST noticed how much effort they put into the Game? 
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  • Thank you :)
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  • Hey, Sloppy Ketchup?

    Stuff like this is why I think you're awesome.  I've noticed that you say good things and I appreciate them.

    (And yes, I appreciate TS too, but I can't let that detract from the rest of this post.)
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  • I lobe you all!
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  • Well said Sloppy Ketchup :)

    Ungratefulness is not attractive!
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  • Heinz Ketchup of the Forums :) 
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  • +9001
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  • Tiny Speck, you the fwaggin best

    (Oh shiii- ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!)
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  • Hee hee. You said 'behind'. 
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  • +1 Sloppy Ketchup and TS!

    Thank you both for all the wonderful you contribute to my life! =^.^=
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  • @Pot: No he most likely has noticed it for awhile, but just now decided to post something about it. Just like someone may have an idea, but doesn't immediately post it because they either don't have the time, or keep forgetting to post it while they're on.

    @Sloppy Ketchup: I'm glad you thought to post this it is the truth and a good example for people who are really unhappy with the changes

    @TS and Staff Members: keep up the good work every change makes this game better, some people just don't like change. I normally don't like change, but upgrades are not like normal changes they are awesome changes. :)
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  • If Glitch had a "Like" button, I'd... probably still not use it. But I'd think about it. Because I agree with all of that. *points to first post* 
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  • Thanks for saying what I've been thinking, Sloppy Ketchup.  I'm a teacher too, and a little acknowledgement of hard work goes a loooong way towards everyone's mutual happiness :)
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  • SK...we might have to have that baby-having disagreement again. Just sayin'. ;)
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  • See, I tried to say this last week but incredibly less eloquently, so thank you for saying my thank you's. :)
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  • + gazillion. The game IS awesome and I'm having a blast.
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  • The new updates have made my interest in Glitch skyrocket! Glitch 2.0 in my book.
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  • I'm happy to see so many positive responses!  It's nice to know that some players are still enjoying themselves (and that we speak up too!)
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  • Seriously, thanks for saying this :)
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  • I love you TS!
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  • It's so nice to see this here. Thanks for sharing it and thank you TS for giving me lots of fun things to do. Everyone needs a little silly joy in their lives.
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  • Wonderful thread! They really have done a fabulous job. I really love how they tweek all the little things. Please NEVER stop doing that! I hate it when I play games online and the little things are constantly ignored. TS doesn't do that at all. 

    Just about an hour ago I was telling my hubby my subscription ends in a few months and I'm already worried about how I'm going to gather enough to subscribe again because EYE MUST!!!!
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  • Well said SloppyK.  *pats TinySpeck on the back & sticks a gold star on their project book*

    And if we do complain, bitch, moan or generally stomp our little feet, I think it's usually because we care. If we didn't love it so much, we probably wouldn't waste our energy complaining... we'd probably just bugger off :-)
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  • <3
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  • I kind of feel bad for being one of those rather obnoxious Glitchen. But I do appreciate all of the hard work put in to this game. This is to all of the staff- old, new and "retired". Cheers to another fun year (despite it being half-way into 2012 :)

    I also want to mention how the Glitch staff takes the time with each individual, as I have spoken to many of them (And every single one of them have been overly talkative and social, though I do apologize for bothering you on your shifts). Ahhh, thank you once more! 

    Oh yeah, and kewl thing with the Glitchr! Bravo, among everything else, I see this connection to Flickr and it made me smile. "Little laughs make a smile!" Not sure if I am using that correctly, but I hope my intention is put across.
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  • Great thread! *chiming in* so much effort and thought and awesome things go into this game... and it shows and it pays off. The updates have been great, and I can hardly contain myself when a new one comes out. Thank you, TS.
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  • Me too!
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  • Indeed, those TS people do good works. 
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  • I agree! We're having growing pains, but this is still an awesome game that I play so much my family has started to wonder if I will ever come back to them. (Hey, I did laundry before work today instead of playing! Babysteps!)

    So thank you, Bees! and Kevbob and Stoot and every single person who puts their time and effort into this.
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  • Likewise, thanks to all the TS team from a small part of the silent majority busy enjoying decorating and upgrading and mining and grinding and cooking and smelting and harvesting and walking and jumping and all the rest ... Sometimes I just I love admiring some of the apparently small but carefully crafted details - like today watching and listening to the new construction tool - that really is a very charming and impressive piece of graphics and audio work there. Thank you.
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  • This game made me break my promise to NEVER EVER get into MMOs.

    I'm not sure whether I hate TS for that or love them :)
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  • Glitch is my stress reliever at the end of each and every day.

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful experience.
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  • This reminds me of an old Heinz tomato soup advert:  Two people each eating a bowl of tomato soup. One person has a generic brand, and they keep stopping to say how yummy it is, such a good taste etc. The other person eating the Heinz brand says nothing til his bowl is empty :)
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  • Yeah, thanks, guys. I like your game. I like the old stuff. I like the new stuff. I like public home streets. I like cooking without having to wash dishes. I want a pet sloth now and it's all your fault.

    My biggest complaint is that I haven't found any really cool 1600x900 screenshots (or composites) of Callopee or Alakol (or maybe even Groddle Forest) for my desktop. I want Glitch wallpaper, damn it! Rabble rabble wallpaper rabble!
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  • Totally agree with the OP....a GREAT game. What makes it so great? Everyone! From TS, developers, staff, and players. I like the fact that both sides can be heard, that TS wants and appreciates all feedback. Granted, sometimes it can get a little frustrating....but we are in beta afterall.

    Here is hoping for much better things to come, with us all wanting the same outcome....which is the BEST game that no one can compare to.

    Thanks TS!
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  • +1
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  • +100.  Thanks for all the incredible hard work.  It was sooo worth it for this great game which I love more all the time.
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  • Everybody's gotta love some Sloppy Ketchup.  It's a daily dose thing.
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  • Thank you Sloppy Ketchup - you speak for many of us, who hesitate to say anything because of the potential backlash from the haters.
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  • I feel a bit guilty but I must admit I was anticipating some hate- but as Wittgenstein once said "I was expecting a surprise, and I got none, so I was surprised"... or something to that effect.  

    At any rate, when I win Teacher of the Year I'll wear a bacon bra to the award ceremony in honor of all of the lovely people who make and play Glitch.
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