Play: Game of orbS

Ur has been taken over by the wicked jujus while we were away!
Your mission is to retrieve the stolen orbs and bring back imagination to the world...
Watch your step though, because time is short and jujus are everywhere!

PLAY Game of orbS

How to play (see a demo video here by Justin):
- Orbs spawn randomly across the map, retrieve as many as you can to get more points
- This is a survival mode, no end game and increased difficulty over time
- Each orb you pick gives you 13 seconds on your timer to find the next one, and spawns a new juju
- You're invincible while the orb power is on, which happens when you have over 10 seconds left
- Press E, R or T to use one of your orbs and reset the Timer
- Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to use the power-ups
- Press Shift to engage the jetpack (when you have it that is...)
- Use the doors to go above the play line to have a break
- When the game is over, just get the next orb to start a new round

PS: This is HTML5, please try in different browsers if you can (firefox performs best for me)
It should be as smooth, if not smoother than the flash client, and looks like this
Also check out this test page to make sure your browser is compatible with websockets (for the leaderboard)
See details and replies on the other thread about tech and concepts
Have FUN

EDIT: I'm still looking for some video recording of this also ^^

Play as guest here

Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink


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  • That's awesome Lemo! It feels good to be able to play again with a Glitch toon in a Glitch environment! :)) Thank you. :)
    Posted 16 months ago by Leïla Subscriber! | Permalink
  • neat. the controls are not right, but it's a nice way to reminisce.
    Posted 16 months ago by Samerina Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Wow! This is very cool! :)
    Posted 16 months ago by Kridla Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ha, this is pretty cool :3 If possible, maybe you could attempt to incorporate some of Glitch's flash based movement controls, such as being able to jump in midair if you haven't already, or the ladder jumps commonly used in Game of Crowns, and fix the whole ladder thing? xP
    Posted 16 months ago by Palindrome Subscriber! | Permalink
  • This is very nice. Thank you Lemo!! :)
    Posted 16 months ago by Spoofy Spoofington Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Nicely done!
    Posted 16 months ago by stoot barfield Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thx guys! And glad you like it stoot
    And congratulations we have now reached "Over Quota" on ^^
    I've dropped an alt link from google drive (see first post), let's see how long this one last!

    I'll see what I can do about the controls. Most platform dynamics are already built-in the dev app I'm using, so I don't know yet if I'll find workarounds
    Worse case you'll get used to it eventually :p

    EDIT: Now you can jump from ladders, and you don't "slide" as much while on it
    Also the "hot" zone on those is thiner
    I'm not doing the mid-air jump though coz it's weird
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you so much Lemo! GoC was my favorite thing to do in glitch all the way till The End, so I'm really glad that there is now at least SOMETHING similar to it to immortalize the whole idea of the game.

    Will you be keeping this available indefinitely? I have no idea what needs to be put into making it available so... do you just let it sit there like a video on youtube, or a picture on imgur? Or will you need to take it down at some point?

    Anyway, thanks a bajillion!
    Posted 16 months ago by Sweet Stuff Ng Subscriber! | Permalink
  • WASD is my friend... :D
     AMAZING job, I'm super impressed. Hubby was too.
    Posted 16 months ago by Lady Cailia Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Yeah that the only thing. It'd really improve it if we could use WASD.
    Posted 16 months ago by Sweet Stuff Ng Subscriber! | Permalink
  • WASD isn't there mostly because I'm french and you would have ZQSD instead
    So I just want to make sure it works for every keyboard layouts before (not like Glitch...)
    I dunno if I can set some layout switch or key config...I'll have a look

    And yes, it will most likely be available indefinitely since I'm on a free account on
    Only issue is that it tends to be over quota easily...
    The (+) link on google drive works as an alternative but doesn't register the worldwide count of orbs for now

    EDIT: ok WASD is live now and should work with both qwerty and azerty (ZQSD) layouts
    You'll tell me if it's fine with your keyboard
    Also, I've mapped "E" and "R" to do that same thing as "T" for convenience
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • One thing I wanted to see in Glitch: how it feels with more sound effects for the interaction
    For example I played The End recently, and their "walking" sounds are pretty good
    So here is a new update for game of orbs, as an experiment with a bunch of sounds for jumping, landing, and walking on different materials :)
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Pretty darn radical!

    ...make a home street, please?
    Posted 16 months ago by Stuv Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Wow! Good job!
    Posted 16 months ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Bravo, c'est superb!
    Posted 16 months ago by Janitch Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Merci Janitch :p

    Operation Screaming Pixels:
    I just uploaded an optimized version which is more than 50% smaller (png, jpg and ogg files)
    It should load much faster and hopefully buy a bit more time before the daily quota breaks on appspot^^
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Added global chat. Just for the mmo touch :p
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hooray!
    Posted 16 months ago by Jackie Jones Subscriber! | Permalink
  • This is so cool...and nice1 thank you!
    Posted 16 months ago by Lyrical DejaVu Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Okay, so as stated in the OP, I'm considering adding a choice between 3 characters.
    That's the kind of choice you may find in some rpgs, with different stats and/or a special ability for each one.

    And I'll let you guys decide the characters you wanna play, so head up to the wardrode and vanity and submit your ideas of character designs, then we'll have a vote!
    In the end I'm looking for a trio like this one (sort of), with the big guy, the clever guy, and the agile girl.
    When you're all dressed up, wait a minute for your sprites to be ready, and use this site to grab the address of the first three animations (base/jump/climb) with a right-click > copy image location.
    For example, my entry:
    clever guy idea: base - jump - climb

    Btw, I'd be delighted to have some video recordings of the game if some of you have a better cpu than my current one (a mighty pentium 4^^)
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • We used to play poker over IRC channels back in days of yore, so I wrote some front-ends which rendered the output from the bot in terms of a poker table layout and other player chat went through into a text box.

    I wonder if something like this would make sense here; use IRC or some other existing chat infrastructure for the communication and just write a front-end that would show the Glitch avatars of the people speaking and allow simple emotes.
    Posted 16 months ago by Janitch Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @Janitch
    Amazing what you could do with plain text at the time
    I'm not an actual developer again, so I have no idea if that would work in this context^^
    Maybe you'd like to have a look at Construct2 (the "front-end" I'm using here to deal with html5) forums, some folks are trying some different demos for multiplayer stuff
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Epic!
    Posted 16 months ago by Osiris χ Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hmmm....
    Add my character! and if this is my alt, add my other 2!
    I'm Kristabel, Kristabel the 2nd and Kristabel the 3rd
    Posted 16 months ago by Kristabel The 3rd Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Here are mine:
    Posted 16 months ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • *SQUEE* This is awesome. It's just so comforting to be in the Glitch environment again. <3 <3 <3
    Posted 16 months ago by Drakani Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Woooti woot!



    Posted 16 months ago by Doctor Yum Yum Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Wow, nicely done. It took a moment to get used to the different physics but I love feeling like I'm playing a wee bit of Glitch.
    Posted 16 months ago by Lucille Ball Subscriber! | Permalink
  • My character idea:
    Base Jump Climb
    Posted 16 months ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • And if you've got the time for mine!


    Many thanks!
    Posted 16 months ago by JarkWoman Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ah character submissions finally thanks^^
    But to clarify once again, I'm not interested in the sprites of your current character, but in *new* sprites made especially for this purpose.
    I know you guys wanna play with your lil glitchen, but there is still no way I can do that now, but it may happen later...
    So, for now I'm thinking of three different special abilities happening (after x seconds or power-ups), and each design should be able to reflect those somehow (see the reference idea again) and fit well in the level style. Here is what a have in mind in more details:

    -the big bad dude:
    Feels heavy and powerful
    Can push an enemy off a strategic platform
    My try on this: base - jump - climb

    -the slim agile girl:
    Feels lightweight and fast
    Can run faster and jump higher for a moment
    My try on this: base - jump - climb

    -the crazy clever guy
    Feels weird and geeky
    Can relocate the position of an orb
    My try on this: base - jump - climb

    Also feel free to submit ideas for other possible abilities or names for the characters ;)
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • OK, Introducing Kitteh, Queen of the Kats!


    Well, Ok, it's just me in my Cat suit still...
    Posted 16 months ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Sorry Lemo - got carried away and misunderstood what you were asking for! Look forward to what others come up with.
    Posted 16 months ago by JarkWoman Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I've been following the activity in the in-game global chat, so here is a quick Q&A round-up

    -"What's the object of the game, how do you move?"
    >I edited the first post with more details

    -"I'm stuck in the chat box, how do I escape / is that UI in french?"
    >Yeah I know it's a bit sticky...actually as the lil line under the chat says, you have to click once outside of the chat to retrieve focus with the game, in any "grey" area around the window (it doesn't work if you click the actual game area for some reason)
    And it's in french, because it seems to be the only chat widget with enough options to look like Glitch global chat. Of course if you know another one, that may also be less laggy, feel free to tell me about it

    -"How come I can see people in the chat and not in game?"
    >Again it's just a single player game, mostly because multiplayer ones across the internet are about ten times more complicated...
    Still you got some "multiplayer" elements like the chat, or the worldwide orb count that gets incremented each time anyone picks one.
    Also would you guys be interested in leaderboards, to make the goals more or obvious or competitive?
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I made a new one, to match what "agile girl" said to me, decided I liked it and kept it on my avatar. Even it the world is technically over, there's no reason not to look great.

    It looks nothing like your idea though...

    I can't see the picture of the trio you used as inspiration, so sorry if it wasn't what you were looking for.
    Posted 16 months ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Actually I liked your style Tanith ;)
    I'm not sure people are really interested about using other characters though, so it may just end up with three power-up in-game instead of actual character types
    Also, in the meantime I have made great progress to support characters dynamically (it's annoying), and you all may be able to play with your own glitchen later ^^
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • base jump climb 
    BTW, this is incredible! I like it better than game of crowns :)
    Posted 16 months ago by OMG BACON!! Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thanks, Lemo. The power-ups sound cool. Leaderboards, ehh... I'm not a competitive person, so I probably wouldn't even look at them. My sis, on the other hand...
    Posted 16 months ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ohhh, +1 for leaderboards! I always loved the competitive aspect of GoC! :D
    Posted 16 months ago by Sweet Stuff Ng Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Firefox keeps crashing... not sure if the problem is my old computer, or something on your end.
    It didn't tell me what the problem is, just said "Firefox ran into a problem and crashed"
    It wasn't happening a few days ago for me, but I hadn't played in a while...
    It seems to happen while I'm near one of the doors, but that could be a coincidence.
    I'm continuing to experiment, and will add more details as I try to analyze the problem.
    Ok, just played for a while and used the doors successfully w/o problem. Not sure what it was....
    Posted 16 months ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thanks for the report, no idea what happened either sry
    Could also be a bug in the framework I'm using, some conflict with a firefox addon, santa claus passing by...who knows?

    Anyway I guess leaderboards will happen indeed
    I don't remember of my scores, but I think I had like 60 jujus once, it's getting kinda hard after 50
    How far did you guys go? Anyone got some crazy score already with more than a hundred jujus in the arena? I wonder how many can fit in there^^
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • There's another crazy thing that happened just once so far--- I got two orbs (like within a second) and the character and two jujus all fell through the floor. (BTW, there's nothing down there. I thought there was, but it turned out to be um, more floor.) I started over the game. After getting the first orb,everything froze. About 10 seconds later, everything was fine. I also experience the error Tanith mentioned, but we have the same computer, the same firefox, the same Santa Clause... basically, that doesn't tell you anything.

    Besides occasional issues, the game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my character design:



    Posted 16 months ago by Nelnah Fish Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Is it okay to love this? Hm?
    Okay, I love it.
    Posted 16 months ago by Kayaka Violin Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Lol Nelnah Fish, only I get to quote my namesake!! And of course Ur character design includes cat ears. It's looking like there won't be actual designs, just power ups though.
    Lemo, my scores are pretty low. I keep running courageously into jujus. The bug hasn't happened again to me... It may have something to do with other players, or possibly having other tabs open?
    Posted 16 months ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • really well done :D
    Posted 16 months ago by Zean Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @Nelnah I went through the floor a very few time too, and changed a bit the collision marker in my dev version, we'll see how this works out
    I won't upload anything before next updates though, coz a bunch of other things are in progress!
    And I may actually add some secret area below ground later indeed ;)
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Very nice :D   Definitely a lot of fun, and I like the idea of having different character options. If a customize-able character isn't a possibility (right now) than pre-made character options a good feature! 

    I had it happen every time that if I accidentally kept pressing down while at the bottom of the far left ladder that it would plummet me under the floor. Not sure if this is just me, I tried it on other ladders and it just seemed to be that one. Reloaded and it still does it.
    Posted 16 months ago by Sanwei Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @Sanwei Yeah I know about the ladders. I could fix this just fine, but actually I'm considering exploiting this "bug" for some secret area below ground as I mentioned above ;)

    Now to let everyone know, I have just reached the limits of the free version of Construct 2...
    It's a great tool again, but I'm only allowed to create 100 events before having to get a commercial license.
    So, I'm considering opening optional donations to help me get the 119 bucks needed to set all the upcoming features just fine, including the ability to play with your own avatar, a set of crazy power-ups, online leaderboards, and more to come... (like other glitch-based mini-games eventually)
    Just to clarify, all the assets are the property of Tiny Speck, and I'm not "selling" anything like that, it's rather an optional contribution to the work I'm doing on the "coding" part.
    How would you guys feel about it? Did I miss Glitchmas already? :)
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I've added a quick button at the top to record videos of your runs
    It uses the live screencast tools from Screenr
    After the app has loaded, just head back to the Game of orbs tab and start recording!

    By default, it will record the sound from your microphone instead of the sounds from the game
    You can change that by selecting your sound card from the drop-down menu
    and using "stereo mix" as your recording input as detailed here
    Posted 16 months ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Go ahead and open a donating thing, but do it soon.
    Posted 16 months ago by Nelnah Fish Subscriber! | Permalink
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