Giant List of Locations for Traveler Achievements (The Penultimate Update as of December 5 2012) Current Count: 1439

An ongoing mystery with street location qualification has finally been solved (after 22 days since this thread first opened on 2011/11/8). A major thank you to everyone who helped report results, data, and information. The key results and findings that were previously uncertain but now confirmed are:

Places that count: Everything in Jethimadh Tower, all one-time quest locations including The Back Alley and Rooks' Woods, both old Hell One and new Hell One. Four locations from the limited time only Cosma Performance Testing.

Places that don't count: Subway Stations, Machine Rooms.
Before the release of new streets in Rasana and Aranna, there were 774 confirmed locations, which matched the maximum, non-glitched high scores leading to confirmation in exactly which streets did or didn't qualify.

Current List (as of December 5 2012)

  • Update 50: Over 100 new locations released in the last month of Ur. New places not in the Encyclopedia are: 1 Seam Street (Namaste), 1 Underground Puzzle (Purplysa), 1 Uralia street (Symphonious Maximus), 2 Quests (Mental Block 2, Picto Pattern), Hall of Rejected Concepts in Jethimadh Tower: Mid (access from Tower St. West), and 6 unlisted locations in Vortex of Random.

  • Update 49: Final two places? Distant End, uutiif (continues from Distant End). The door to Distant End is in Russula Involutii, Haoma.

  • Update 48: New transit system in region Moshi Moshi Oshilatis adds 7 new locations. Shim Shiri was previously known as Asslandia.

  • Update 47: 20 new streets in the incredible Nottis region. It's now possible to obtain the Globetrotter Extraordinaire achievement!

  • Update 46: 29 new streets in Vantalu.

  • Update 45: New Quest: An Old Fashioned B&E transports you to B.T.C Room #3.

  • Update 44: Third season-themed level quest An Autumn Day unlocked from Epic #2. With three different quest endings, there are 4 total locations associated with this quest.

  • Update 43: A new secret location unlocked by Epic #2: An Abstrixian Aside. A hint was announced by GOD in Local Chat:
    There's also a new secret spot hidden in one of the existing secret spots. Sorry I can't say more, but I am contracually prevented from doing so. Let's just say that it's a region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body. Know what I mean??

  • Update 42: Three new starter quest locations for learning some of the elementary skills: A L'il Animal Kinship; Breezy, EZ Cookin'; Talking 'bout Soil Appreciation. It just so happens all three locations have an apostrophe in the name.

  • Update 41: New quests unlocked from feats, as well as reminisce quests from the Play Cube item. Receive the Play Cube after completing the Color Unblocking quest. Join the Club quest offers Pintura Prosa from jumping into the Curious Painting inside the clubhouse.

  • Update 40: Three new regions unlocked from the First Epic (The Penyahtewan Assembly): Ormonos, Lida, and Jal.

  • Update 39: New Mental Block quest released (2 locations, one for first-time and one for all subsequent repeats).

  • Update 38: The Greedy Street Spirit counts as a new location upon reminiscing from the Emotional Bear.

  • Update 37: Sequel to Walk Toward the Light, Radiant Glare quest added.

  • Update 36: Being Watched quest added. Drink a Cup of Water from a Bureaucratic Hall Water Cooler. One of the few locations where snapshottery is not possible.

  • Update 35: Two new party locations released (Aquarius and Val Holla).

  • Update 34: The second feat unlocked a new region, Firozi, with 25 new streets. 1 additional linking street added in Alakol (Via Firozi).

  • Update 33: First of the Giants-themed quest, The Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth, adds four new locations.

  • Update 32: 3 new quests: The Wrizzards and The Rube, Operation: Grow, and Walk Toward the Light.

  • Update 31: Third Level Quest, Winter Walk, has four locations. Winter Walk and Winter Haven each have a first-time location and a repeat location. When you enter the quest from the second time onwards, you'll always be in the repeat Winter Walk and repeat Winter Haven locations.

  • Update 30: Talk to a Piggy to start the new quest (The Greedy Street Spirit). Two new regions, Haoma and Kloro, unlocked from the first Feat..

  • Update 29: Le Miserable, the second Level Quest, appeared prematurely on August 23, 2012, and later officially released on August 24, 2012.

  • Update 28: 11th Ticket to Paradise level Slip 'N Slide released August 9, 2012.

  • Update 27: 5 more Ticket to Paradise levels from upgrade cards (Abysmal Thrill, Beam Me Down, Bippity Bop, Cloud Rings, Mountain Scaling).

  • Update 26: Amberlyza is the 6th and latest street in the underground basement puzzle series.

  • Update 25: 5 new bonus levels from upgrade cards (Arbor Hollow, Cloud Flight, Radial Heights, Sky Plunge, Starlit Night).

  • Update 24: Two new regions (Balzare and Roobrik) with 21 streets each add 42 streets to increase the normal max score over 1000.

  • Update 23: A new quest called A Summer's Day now available by talking to any street spirit vendor (in Groddle, Uralia, Firebog). Three locations are involved with this quest.

  • Update 22: Fernucopia becomes the 5th street in a series of locations accessed via locked doors in relic apartment tower basements.

  • Update 21: 9 new streets (5 Apartment Tower Basements and 4 color-themed locations accessed from the locked doors in the 5 basements; it is random which of the 4 color-themed locations you are teleported to when entering a basement's locked door).

  • Update 20: 5 old housing Apartment Towers now count for location scores.

  • Update 19: 3 new Seam Streets added on April 25 2012.

  • Update 18: 127 new locations in 5 new regions! 21 of the new locations are new streets in old regions. 51 new Habitats, Parks, and Reserves are for Foxes. 4 Habitats, 8 Parks, and 9 Reserves are in old regions.

  • Update 17: Reformatting of list and organization. New categories added for Party Locations, Quests, Tower Quest (in Jethimadh Tower), Multiplayer Games, and a section for no longer available locations. The 4 Cosma Performance Test locations increase total maximum general public location count to 840.

  • Update 16: Three new Enchanted Forests and Hell Bar in Naraka

  • Update 15: New link and street name fixes for Rooks' Woods and You Feel Woooooozy...

  • Update 14: Two new quests (Four Letter Words and Word Up) lead to The Kid's Room.

  • Update 13: Revamp of the list display. Added latest discoveries section and made all lists collapsible with index to regions.

  • Update 12: The Back Alley has returned for those who missed it in the We're Off to See the Lizard quest (learn Fuelmaking to receive the quest). New Vision Quest travels to the Institute of Ocular Testing (learn Eyeballery).

  • Update 11: New holiday party pack location at Winter Wingding. A street previously only accessible by staff was temporarily opened as a portal via Door Potion. Only a few players in the right place at the right time managed to obtain this location score. See more info here

  • Update 10: New areas, some secret, have been hinted. So far 4 have been discovered as of 2011/12/22. Axis Denyde, The missing floor, The lost floor, and The forgotten floor.

  • Update 9: New region of Rasana and expansions in Aranna bring 50 new streets! Plus Le Voyage Violet for 51 new total.

  • Update 8: Mystery solved thanks to elka for the last piece in the puzzle: Machine Rooms don't count towards the scores! Now all the numbers add up and everything makes sense. HarleyQuin's score is currently glitched, no one will be able to match the score, unless someone also accidentally triggers glitched residential areas that counted.

  • Update 7: Naraka adds 6 locations extending from Hell One. New score for 766 people to be stuck on is 773! Scores have increased by 7 if you visit all 7 Naraka locations including Hell One (but Hell One counted before, so does that mean anyone who had visited Hell One previously would have 2 points for Hell One, while new players would only get 1 point for the new Hell One? Or the other explanation could be the old Hell One didn't count.)

  • Update 6: A previously missed location on the list has been added thanks to Folderol. "You're Feeling Wooooozy" directly follows Fireflex 3000 Lab so if you have been to Fireflex 3000 Lab, by default you'll have been to You're Feeling Wooooozy.

  • Update 5: With a breakthrough discovery by Folderol in lifting a previously incorrect assumption that the 12 Subway Stations counted toward the score, the total number of confirmed locations is now (more accurately) at 766!

  • Update 4: 770 locations have been confirmed to count for users. What could this mean in terms of scoreboard discrepancy?

  • Update 3: Highest score is now 769! List updated to include 789 locations, but there is much uncertainty for some locations...

  • Update 2: Confirmed locations up to 762, with 768 total possible contenders listed. Who will be able to solve the mystery of the one missing street that so many people are stuck on?

  • Update 1: Added in links to available Encyclopedia entries. Updated notes regarding those entries.
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    • Wow, this is excellent!

      One suggestion would be to use the notes field to indicate which locations are not listed in the encyclopedia to help people in tracking down things they might have missed. Linking to the encyclopedia entry could also be useful, but that would be a huge pain to implement and isn't necessary.

      This is much appreciated!
      Posted 7 years ago by Hero of the Beach Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I love you.
      Posted 7 years ago by Ida Keen Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks for the feedback. The links to encyclopedia entries have been added, and notes for ones not listed in encyclopedia.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks! I was just looking for this.
      Posted 7 years ago by Cirnots Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Suggestion: list regions to find Seam streets. 
      Posted 7 years ago by snarkle Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Yes definitely, I will be adding a lot more information to the Notes section for hidden areas.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Well when you figure out the last 15, it will be very helpful. Some locations you are missing although I am not sure if they "count":

      Room 4
      Room 8
      Room 15
      Room 16
      Room 23
      Area 42
      Gwendolyn's Room
      The Outer Mind
      The Inner Mind

      Rook Museum

      All races

      Game of Crowns

      and any quests that involve the magic rock teleporting you somewhere.

      I am only missing 1 location and the 5 party locations. I really want to find the last one I am missing.
      Posted 7 years ago by TRB4 Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Yes I have those locations recorded but need to visit as many as I can (if it's possible to revisit some) to confirm. I will add them as soon as I can confirm. Thanks for the list!
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • TomC, you are a star. I'm on 764, and those peeps on 767 are TAUNTING me :-)
      Posted 7 years ago by KrisModem Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Taunt.
      Posted 7 years ago by snarkle Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Taunt (:
      Posted 7 years ago by Moi Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Awesome resource! thanks TomC!!
      Posted 7 years ago by Muncey Mango Subscriber! | Permalink
    • it's awesome!!! thanks!!!

      I'm just wondering if it would be possible to synchronize this with location helper or something :P
      Posted 7 years ago by Iskie Bae Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I'd like to know how to get the party locations. Are they only dev invites or is there another way in?
      I'm at quote 761 and I feel EXTREMELY taunted! :)
      Posted 7 years ago by Zira Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks for the feedback everyone!

      @Iskie Bae Right now there isn't an API function to actually indicate if you visited a certain street or not. All of the location checkers are currently just visiting the actual encyclopedia page to check the text, which is why they are slow and can take a long time. Since quite a few of these streets are actually not in the Encyclopedia (like Bureaucratic Halls, Seam Streets, etc.), there's no way to check them unfortunately with anything. Hopefully one day the API will be expanded.

      @Zira Party spaces were released a few days ago so anyone can buy a party back and get in,  and anyone already in a party can invite you. The party packs are from Toy Vendors. Here was the announcement thread about it:
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Oh right! I've been offline for a couple of days and got a little lost with all the stuff on the forum. 
      Thanks for the info, I'll get myself sorted out now :)
      Posted 7 years ago by Zira Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Whoever can solve the mystery will be eligible for substantial sum in prizes. Here is the situation copied from the page:

      Right now the highest score is 767, but there are 768 possible locations listed. So one location must not count. But then again, if everyone at 766 or lower has visited all of these locations, then all of those people should have 767 or possibly 768. Note that Quest-only locations are not listed because that would cause the total to be way over the maximum score based on leaderboards. It is with reasonable certainty that places with multiple instances will most likely not count as a location traveled. This includes Hell One, Subway Train, And so it begins..., Rook Museum, and similar places.
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    • According to the scores page at the moment, only 133 people have the World Traveler achievement. The badge should become easier to get as more streets are added soon, but this elusive maximum score is a whole different story...
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Additional areas to try, but all of these have been visited by many people at 766, so none of them may count:

      In Jethimadh Tower

      The Outer Mind
      The Inner Mind
      Gwendolyn's Chamber
      Rook Museum
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Interrogation room?
      Posted 7 years ago by anacronismo Subscriber! | Permalink
    • no the Interrogation room doesn't count.
      Posted 7 years ago by WindBorn Subscriber! | Permalink
    • The Interrogation Room and the Penalty Box for sure doesn't count. Though it is rumored that the Penalty Box is in Groddle Forest, but of course not directly accessible.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • It looks like scores updated again in the past few hours, but still only 7 people at the current max of 767. However 23 people now stuck at 766.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Scores have updated again. 1 more person is now at 767, up to a total of 8 people at the current max. What could this last street be...
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Curious, it says Jethimadh has a place calle unnnn, where is that?
      Posted 7 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • You haven't seen unnn?? You must explore then! 
      (Don't want to spoil it - IM me in game if you're so curious you can't wait)
      Posted 7 years ago by Tricky Woo Subscriber! | Permalink
    • To avoid spoilers:


      Paste that in this site to see:
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I've tried this several times and never get anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I want to see unnn!
      Posted 7 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • it. WOW
      Posted 7 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Keep jumping up and hitting the left arrow key and Enter key at the same time. Spinach will help but it's not required.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • But I've BEEN to all of those places and I don't have 762!!!  (well, I do, but only because I've been to a party)

      I guess I'm going again.  Thanks a million billion for the resource!
      Posted 7 years ago by Ida Keen Subscriber! | Permalink
    • What about....
      ...The Stoot Shrine?
      Posted 7 years ago by Chemisie Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Ida Keen, the 5 party locations are counted in the 762, so it looks like you are just missing the one street that nearly everyone is stuck on. If you go to the other 4 parties, then you'll have 766. So you don't have to go back and check anything as you've visited all the known ones for sure (except the 4/5 parties).

      Chemisie, the Stoot Shrine is also officially called "unnnn" in the game. It's listed in the Jethimadh Tower: Mid section =)
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Scores are updating quite often now: 9 people at 767, 26 people at 766.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I visited Unnn last night and now the updated leaderboard shows  me at 762. I have yet to be at any of the parties.
      Posted 7 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Woah congrats, you are on your way to 767 then! Can you think of any streets you've been to not on the list?
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Highest score is now 769! List updated to include 789 locations, but there is much uncertainty for some locations...

      1 person at 769, 11 people at 767, 26 people at 766.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Hi there, I've checked out Uncle Friendly's emporium for you. I'll give you my methodology too so you can be sure enough that I took due care.

      My husband played very briefly, so I used his char as I could be very sure about locations (his char had only been to 34 locations previous to this). Uncle Friendly is on Guillermo Gamera Way. His char, Spanaz was definitely listed as having never been to that street (or indeed any others in Ix) so I could be sure he hadn't been to the emporium previously. So I took him to Flipside, a street adjacent to Guillermo Gamera Way and left him there for a day, just to make sure that the leader-board was fully updated. After the day's wait, I checked the Streets Visited and it had gone up to 38. I then took him onto Guillermo Gamera Way and straight into Uncle Friendly's Emporium. That way I'd know if the leaderboard hadn't updated (when it would be on 38), or it had updated and it didn't qualify (when it would be on 39) or if it had updated and did qualify (when it would be on 40). And waited a further day for the leaderboard to update.

      I just checked and his Streets Visited are on 40.

      So Uncle Friendly's Emporium definitely does count towards the streets visited.
      Posted 7 years ago by SacredBob Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thank you very much, SacredBob! The list is now at 764 confirmed locations out of 769 possible (based on user scores).
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • User Little Poundcake just went from 751 to 757 (World Traveler achievement) by visiting Corridor Two, Room 4, Room 23, Area 42, The Outer Mind, The Inner Mind. Excluding Gwendolyn's Chamber which is currently marked as "Maybe", this would confirm without decent certainty that Room 4, Room 23, Area 42, The Outer Mind, and The Inner Mind counts as locations traveled.

      This now brings the total confirmed locations to 769, which appears to match the highest user score. However, everyone else at 767, 766 etc have also visited these areas but are not at 769...
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that all streets that count for location total grant a small XP bonus upon your first entering. Streets that do not grant XP underneath the "This is your first time here" on the loading screen do not count.
      Posted 7 years ago by Onath Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Yes there does seem to be a correlation, but some of the quest streets also grant XP for first time here, yet doesn't count. But in general, streets that award XP are a good indicator.

      Though it's still a mystery why the current confirmed total adds up to 769 but people who've been to all those places are only at 767 or 766.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • There IS one player at 769 now, but not sure how...
      Posted 7 years ago by Onath Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I was about to post the same thing. So mysterious! I checked for new streets but couldn't find any street projects or anything ...
      Posted 7 years ago by Klara Subscriber! | Permalink
    • You win the internets.
      Posted 7 years ago by Wintera Woodswitch Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Argh!
      Posted 7 years ago by snarkle Subscriber! | Permalink
    • You know what I find wonderful about this thread? Something that proves how different Glitch players are compared to those in other online games. NOBODY has whined to the devs that they should give us a complete list. 
      I love you Glitchens. 

      ps: I'm at 765 and I have one party location to visit, and maybe one race (I'll go through them all again today to be sure). 
      Posted 7 years ago by Zira Subscriber! | Permalink
    • OK, what about quest-only streets?  "The Back Alley," Smash the Egg, the jumping tree place that I remember from Beta but I don't think I've done here but I might have.  Are there more like that and do they count?  Maybe someone with an untraveled Glitch can give us insight. *crosses fingers*

      It would make sense that we were all missing a quest (and maybe not the same one).
      Posted 7 years ago by Ida Keen Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I'm at 765 with one party place left to else to go that I know..
      Posted 7 years ago by Teena Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Ida Keen, it's all on the list. "The Back Alley" has been confirmed by a staff member that it doesn't count. It is very likely that the one-time Quest-only streets such as Rook's Woods (Smash the Egg), Rainbow Run etc. don't count, or else we would all be over 770 at least.

      Teena, sounds like you are part of the 766 club. No one is sure how to get to 767 exactly. Unless the Rook's Woods counted somehow (but it's not available at the moment). But if the Rook's Woods counts, then the other Magic Rock quests are also similar in nature but for some reason they don't count (based on the scores), so it's very difficult to predict any kind of correlation.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
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