Invent a New Quest

I just read (and responded flippantly to) Stylegeist's post regarding the lack of new quests. That got me thinking about the sorts of quests that could be introduced. I have a couple of ideas:

1. Mug the Rube.
2. No-no a-go-go. This involves doing the moonwalk thing during a series of 12 no-no rushes.
3. Stir Qurazy--find a suitably large number of Quarzy Quoins in one game day.
4. Hoochy-coo.--This involves feeding chicks on partially fermented grain. Displayed after learning the Mash Master I skill.
5. Motor Metal. Go to Salata where you can use a huge number of snails to actually construct a car. Your car will be marked with an S (for Salata or for snails, not sure which) and when you finish and drive it, everyone will say, look at that S Car Go! Snails? Oh, never mind.
6. Neville Chamberlain Rook Appeasement. This involves going to a bona fide rook attack and standing around, as everyone works to defeat the bird, IMing "Peace in our time" to everyone while vainly attempting to RK the Rook.

Okay, obviously I'm out of ideas, but what do YOU have?

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