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Highland Fling | Locations | Glitch

Highland Fling

Region: Groddle Heights


An Animal Goods Vendor., and Plus 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Paper Tree, and 5 Metal Rocks for mining.

Unlocked by

SuperHappyFun Another Chris schmo and 41 others

This location was unlocked 814 days ago.


2. silvertongue
After the Giants created rookswort, the first herb, Glitches showed their gratitude by growing it everywhere for harvest. Masses of the gnarled, red vines grew throughout the bog, and herbalists crafted tinctures for the pious to use in their fight against the Rook.

Cosma contemplated the fields of crimson and thought it seemed a little harsh, all one colour, all for war. There ought to be something, she reasoned, to balance it out: an herb for joy and love. She decided that she would imagine this second herb, and it would be blue, like the butterflies of the air.

Friendly looked down from the starry night sky, and with his blessing the new flower grew into a blue starburst shape. Then Alph took the silver sparks from a particularly interesting explosion and infused them into the petals and leaves.

The sparkling blue herb spread across the bog, and any Glitch who munched it became inspired with brilliant ideas and witty words. And so the second herb became known as silvertongue.