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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #160

If you can expand the floor by each,

Can you make such a secret room?

Quick Idea #161

Gift to other player has fun and important element.

I want to know more easily who gifted to me.
Therefore can you show avatar icon like that?

Also it might be interesting if each stuff has roots/history and you can see that.
"glum pudding" might be got great prize if Mr.Cucumber was returned to her.
or, "Mr.Cucumber" will change to "Sir Cucumber" if 100 player has been joined that roots:)

or, it doesn't need every stuff has roots. it will be complicated. Only special item can have roots.
Anyway I think we can make fun element by using that.

Quick Idea #162

You can see a line following after you if you set destination.
It's fun because it looks like I'm drawing...........
it means......

You might be able to do like this?
if so it's fun.

Also I think we can make cooperation game, race game and creative stuff by using this mechanic.

Quick Idea #163

It's for richer general play.

I want to grow bigger pig by feed more. or feed special food.
it looks like "giant food". /oddsandends/qis/62

Finally, I think you can ride on bigger piggy!


Quick Idea #164

For richer general play (part2)

Can we stand on head of other player?
Can we have plat on our avatar's head?

Quick Idea #165

For more richer general game play. or I like to stack stuff on the head.

I like such a way to carry stuff. it's so smart.

Can we do that in Glitch?
It doesn't have functions. But you can enjoy stuff which is in inventory box as kind of wardrobe.

Or, it might be useful when you want to insist "I Like Milk".

Quick Idea #166

For more richer game play.

Can you set plat on Rocks, Trants and Shrines?
You can get onto a furnitures already. However you can't get onto Rocks, Shrines and Trants. it's weird.

Quick Idea #167

For more richer chat...
How is emoji?

Or, do you need emoji window?

Quick Idea #168

About encyclopedia.
I think part of Glitch's encyclopedia include element of collection book.

Like this.
The icon will be whitish and add green check mark after you got it.

I think screen will be like this if you could get all achievements.
I can't feel sense of achievement from white screen. Because it will white.

So how is that?
Clear icon is "got it". whitish icons is "not yet".
Also it may not need for check mark.

When you got all achievements.


Also I think we can add this for tools.
doesn't need check mark. just whitish.

Quick Idea #169

This is similar to loneliness quest.

Magic Rock began to take a photo as his hobby because he has a lot of time.
So he mention about his photo session to all players. sometimes or once a day.

Magic Rock will waiting there.
And he'll take a photo when time is coming.

His Nikon D800 is pretty great, so he can take a photo of whole of street. (like a God)
His photo will published automatically, so all player can see it.
it looks like commemorative photo.
Of course you can see how many Glitchen in this snap.

I guess a lot of players will gather at same place. it might be not good things for server.