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lol sorry about the unintentional photobomb there!

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please don't remove dead trees!
Don't know why, but Frons likes them this way.
Oh and pls dont pet and water either.

Feel free to move over to my strees and water all you like though! :)

btw: Frons can't write yet...
Freebie Jeebies route
Hi leaffe, I'm next on the route, please add my name as 4th sign on your post. The route is broken untill you do so! thanks for adding me leaffe!
lots of love to you!
thank you for this beautifull game. I will miss the players, I hope to see them in other games. I here there are refugeecamps in SL en KoL allready. I might set up my tent in one of them.

And now I must be off. I need to get as many locations on camera as I can! I will remember these mountains, rivers, lakes, big trees and caverns for a long time.

And I will long for my home street for years to come I fear!

Lots of love to all of you lovely glitchians