goose (◡‿◡✿)



i might miss the underwater streets most
except for ix and uralia and the firebogs- those tie with this magnificent view.

i will miss you all so much.
a memorial
is something i might write tomorrow- for today, i can only enjoy the last of the wonder, the dream, the surrealism, the beauty- and i know it will live on.
oh, but
death (or waking up) is but the next great adventure.
take, but only what you need! :)
thank you, glitchens
i will miss your trees.
Write something!
thank you so, so much.

ps i hope you guys will get my postcard that i sent in real life mail!! i hope it went through, homemade ones sometimes get eaten by the usps :(
thank you for this
thank you so, so much.