FawnFang's Snaps

lots of sacrifices to the dragon today
i'm watching you!
hello crafybot
crafybot delivery
the train departs the station
I look like part of the "wall" here.
this might be my favorite cave! I can ambush HI's from here! :-)
caves at every turn, no matter the color of the ass.
more caves in the intestines.
It's dark. I have no idea what's in this cave!
my first trip to asslandia!
gameshows coming out of the walls!
I'm shocked. Shocked! to find out there's gambling going on here.
Terrific party, Rev. Lightbringer!
the jack-o-lanterns are just extra huge this year!
HUGE jack-o-lantern
the view!
more places to disappear
omg! i got this snap on my first try. it's even more awesome than...
two full-grown jellisacs, in the wild
tiny fawn. can you see me?
a whole lot of meditatin' going on
a portal, the rube, b/g triangle key. . .an embarrassment of riches!
It looks like a picture book!
senor funpickle seems to have landed in mid-air