Jope's Snaps

My house got egged on Zilloween. The dumb rock and butler didn't...
I broke his heart.
Large Hairless Squirrels.
Somebody planted my gardens so nicely. Thanks!
Games in bed
Dying in Zube's bed
My Elton John Glasses
Me and my Magic Rock back together again.
New Glitch Photo Filter Cards in Upgrades - FUN!
Travel Poster
My Jellisac got a flat
Paper Tree in a shaft of morning sunlight.
ShyK at my photo studio
I must be seeing things.
Post Housing Apocalypse Glitch. The spinach is taking back it's...
Jopes House
My new Rainbow Pantry.
Served up to the gaping maw with a bunch of lame cubimals.
Pretty plants down here
Oh the sorting. I like my jared lips though.
5156 Boan Stravenue Quarter. Pandora Zora's House
5156 Boan Stravenue Qtr. Pandora Zora's House
4107 Ojan Repine Quarter. I will miss it.
Glitch Super Moon