Aleph Zero's Snaps

Tandem Flush in Brillah.
tis shows me the way :D
A special tower guest. Maybe he'll scare off the Creepy Faded Heart.
Now my expensive grilled cheese is haunted. Maybe I shouldn't...
My tower is haunted again. This time it's a creepy faded heart.
As I admired the ripples coming from the water plants, I noticed...
Perma-kindness. My favourite bug so far.
Yep, it's Jesus alright.
The robot finally escaped!
I finally drove out the potato ghost and now my tower is being...
Keeping warm from the inside out.
Shoo! Shoo potato ghost! What do you want from me!?
The Rube-shaped potato's wandering ghost is starting to creep me...
A rube shaped potato grew out of my wall at the Bog Bin. ?
My house is gone. Maybe to hell? I'm a terrible housekeeper.
If he'd just jump, he could get those quoins. Lazy.
Jack the Giant Pumpkin is a little intimidating.
Needs more conch.
Feat's over, but we just can't get enough conch
Ain't nothin' but a party, y'all.
Celebrating Mabfest the best way. Come and join us!
Feat the First, finale
Shortly after ruining GOD's best laid plans.
I decided to camouflage my tower & house too
Best camo *ever*
I waited so long to spin the wheel that barnacles grew on it
Outstanding delivery service
Curiouser and curiouser.
Am I imagining things again?
Just bein' itty bitty
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