Anthropocene's Snaps

Abbasid Jail
Snowed In
Smile and say "Yum!"
To serve man and then eat him because this is a cookbook
Its fun to jump on the couch!
Still life with Glitch
Rook Cemetery
Um, huh?
Pink flamingos and Glitchmas cookie
You are here because you are bad. Knock it off!
That's just dandy
Glitch is the BEST
The front yard chicks
My farmyard friends. Check out the chicken names
underwater vent
This crab is deleriously happy and so are the Glitchen who...
drink at your own risk
cute little fox!
Oh how I would have loved a zombie butler
Awww, dragons!
You are here because you are bad
Love is in the air
I <3 you all
In Orbit
Doors to Nowhere
Waiting for my baby brudder to hatch. Cheep cheep!