Wineder's Snaps

Guess where!
Ninja pose!
Can you spot the person? (Not me)
Loving the background!
My messy friend's hse
Do you dare go down?
I feel like a doll. A teeny tiny one
Tiny me
Presenting... Gregarious towers!
The beautiful view... *Sigh*
Jumpshot at The Landing!
Go green!
GIngerbread house
Woo hoo!
Snow city!
Jump for joy!
Look at my skeleton!
Laughing at that rock (Can he understand what he's reading?)
Me trying to imitate that annoying rock
My quaint little house
Top of the world!
Greeting people. XD
Can you spot that something out of the ordinary?
Flying chickens! (And cruel me)
A suicide mission at Kohanger Hang: Get the Quarzy Quoin!
Ray of light!
Yellow and smiley me!
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