tuqui's Snaps

crazy horse!
the voice of doom..
this horseman is really wierd..
toxic moon..
say.. don't look at me.. I'm not the one that changed the recipes...
Toy Vendor in Peatland Moors
tuqui goes fishing
i lit up the heart lines!
There's no escape..
salt and pepper..
I'll start here and work my way down..
ridding piggyback on the kitty..
I hope this cat doesnt wake up while i am sitting on her back!
back view of chicken coat
crafty bot getting ready for action!
it just keeps getting better and better..
can i move my house here, please??
being lifted higher and higher in Ur..
this may just be the top of the world in ur..
sweet dreams, kukubee!
I am glad the cat is asleep.. i dont like our relative sizes.. he...
snowed in.. literally!
abasaid.. what a lot to explore!
what a beautiful, peaceful spot..
swimming in bliss..
what an awesome place!
we floridians love our pink flamingos!
double rainbow party space!
Battling cubimals on Toxic Moon..
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