PeanutbuttahJelleh's Snaps

I see you juju
the tea is a bit griddy
Metal head sloth lol
the irony of winning a sno-cone in a world of fire
spinning in hell
love dead trees
unnnnnnnnnnnn oishii rhubarb pie
I am so not good at this but "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Oh haiz, Rube!
Sumi storing whole lotta nothin :D
Good friends do good "sh@t" for their friends..
Wuv for chickens and a dying tree
Don't fall into the moon's mouth
Mooned !!
That's a dead egg tree? Really? Ummmmm
This is a witty phrase.. LOL
Beatles Cartoon Parody? Run For Your Life Little Girl!
summer's day exp 5 666 lol
666 on zilloween
Bubble stop light
Classic Green Eggs And Ham
Poulet Reverie
666 so kind
:O again
Even the trees see I'm posessed with the 666
666 still going haha
will i ever exceed the 666
I swear "satan is my master" with all of these 666.....