Jessenya's Snaps

Aw pretty music blocks
Goodbye Porch piggies, cubimal corner and my leafy jungly home
New gnome saying. Yep... I enjoy it
My tower and gnome have a new name. BUHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH
Hey Yellow Crumb... pick your damn self you yellow fuckin...
1st floor Left
2nd floor: right side
2nd floor left
3rd floor. more pigs
3rd floor - Pigs.. cause I always hated their asses in my yard
Memory 3: 2nd floor... door to upstairs and down
Memory 2: beside living room (door to upstairs)
Memory 1: Current living room
HEY Rube.. Now I can officially say GO FUCK YOURSELF
I'll miss the beans the most lol
Oh Cubies... you were my world
? Goodbye Rares ?
Beautiful view
I love being naked!
Enjoying nice peaceful non farty ice picking
My new Mirror and Tiger necklace complete!
My new artifact room... I didn't like the purple lol (Still in...
hahaha I love it
Hiding in a tree
choo choo
So pretty!
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