Carl Projectorinski's Snaps

Lovers Leap?
This tree is almost enchanted!
And here we have Chuckanut ridge.
That's Lummi island in the far background, that is.
Seriously! This looks like Puget Sound! I can walk to this place...
Oh, wow.
Always compliment the audience!
The killing joke.
Getting boozed off the stage!
Could this be a cockatrice?
Jack-o-lantern tower
Leaning in for a...
A scary party!
My costume is ingenious!
Crack Hoe.
Almost there.
A goat on the hill.
Happy Zilloween!
I walked past this poor Glitch, and I fear my hairdo left an...
Just a bit more people than my netbook can handle.
The mullet can fly!
Everyone on my street is already bored of this thing but me!
Gnome ore buns today.
Pop quiz!
Administering a Bar Exam
In line at the post office.
Board meeting.
Snail racing!
Properly christening a room.
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