Status update

I keep trying to play but I can't be on very long before I get overwhelmed with sadness and have to log off. You all have meant the word to me. Will still be popping on and off as much as I can.

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3 replies
  1. Melting Sky

    I know what you mean. Hopefully we will cross paths sometime before that final sunset.

  2. Sir Lovealot

    Chin Up; Smile! I will be sad to see Glitch go as much as any of you; we all know what an absolutely unique game this is, but I will save my sadness for when I can' t log on any more. I get stressed by plenty of things in RL, so Glitch is my refuge, so until that fateful day I will come in here and play just like it's just another Glitch day. Chin Up! Smile!

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Status update
Capt. S.T. Weasley

i haven't seen you in forever!

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