Status update
Reserved One

Goodbye to those of us who have not found each other since Glitch. There will never be another "Glitch" but I hope our paths will cross again one day in game world or perhaps in the real world. This has been an amazing adventure with crazy fun & so many heart warming moments. We should continue to honor Glitchen ways by spreading random kindnesses & sharing hugs. Glitch holds the happiest of memories for me & it is in within my heart, that Glitch will live on forever. Thank you Glitch & thank you my friends. Farewell for now my friends until we "meet" again. Love & "Hugs"

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Status update

Ah RO, missed you last night. Sol Hawk and I were on the Last Post and the First Word threads in the forums. Couldn't really chat but it was great just to know he is still out there and ok. He is missing Glitch too.

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