Discussion: Feature Request: Location access to map image url, and hub/street coordinates

The Location API is currently missing coordinates of hub/streets on a map - and the map image url's!  These would be neat additions for visualization! (Or even a Glitch Maps API!)
Well.. knowing the coordinates of the locations could mean people making something like Google Maps for Glitch? 
Well.. knowing the coordinates of the locations could mean people making something like Google Maps for Glitch? 
I'm looking forward to a Maps api, with image assets. I'd like to create an iPad app that utilizes this.
Bumping this!
I have an incoming tool with map functions that would benefit a lot from that.
The in-game map has the function, so I suppose you have the data somewhere already.
If we can't have the exact player location on  the street, the coordinates of the "middle" of the street could be a start.
For example, now I'm in Medam Mads, so it would be like x=536 and y=178 on Rasana Map.
I'm not sure what you mean, the image of the world and each region is available, as is a view of each street.  The problem I see is that the street images are side views and the map/region images are top views.  One could certainly make a Google Maps style interface of the world and regions given what we already have available (no API additions required).

What we would need to zoom in farther than the region would be top views of the streets.  However, I doubt these exist as the streets don't seem to be 3D.

Another problem is that the street coordinate systems don't align with the region coordinate systems, which don't align with the world coordinate system.  (At least it appears they don't the way the map is presented.)  My guess is that there is no true global coordinate system and you just have an X,Y location on a particular street (side view).

I've made a Google Maps style navigator for another game (see deosromanorum.org), so if I'm wrong about the global coordinate system, I'd be happy to learn that.  And, if anyone wants help or more info about how to do it, I'd be happy to share what I know.
I'm not doing a Google Maps style
It's more like a real time GPS with additional info
@Lemo I saw your post in the general forums, any more info we can collect will be great to improve the various tools.  I'm not sure yet what you're trying to accomplish, but having that signpost locations would be interesting.

I've created an imagemap that places all the regions in the world map, but I would really like an imagemap for each region that places the streets (but I was too lazy to do all these by hand).  If you want to share info or collaborate in some other way, let me know (see glitch-atlas.info for contact).
Yup thanks for your post (here is the thread for others)
Hmm I think an image map for streets will be harder because you would need both start and end points of the street, while I'm simply collecting the approximate "middle" for the moment.
I'll drop you a mail later ;)
Nice work getting this done Lemo and all; even having the middle point of the street on the region map allowed me to make the street names clickable and extend the heatmaps down to the region level in Glitch Atlas.
So...guys...can we have those coordinates?
You must have them someplace somehow right?
Really it's a pain to update those manually every time
So many updates!
Didn't see this one, it's Huge thanks!