The Glitchian History Society

This group is/was for preserving the contents of notes left around the world. Players often leave some amusing messages or lovely poems and stories in public places. The group seems to have died, but I still think it's a cool idea to keep a record of the notes we find! Anyone interested in joining and bringing it back to life?

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  • Hi shakha! That's a great group and I was sad to see it fall so quiet.  They were actually my inspiration for a recurring column in the ImaginatUr (which documents notes I've found).

    Good luck getting the group up and running again! 
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  • This is a fun idea! A bit strange I came across it as I had found a note that contained an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland. Sadly, I did not pick it up. :\
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  • The great thing about this group is you can copy-n-paste the notes into the discussion thread, leaving them where you found them for other glitchen to see.
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  • Yeah I used to post notes i found in there, i should start doing that again as i've found a few.
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  • Oh hey, would you guys be interested in donating found notes to the library (or copies of found notes attributed to their authors)? We've got 9-10 linked streets now and I'll happily supply my fellow librarians with note-poles as needed :D

    I'm trying to keep as much of the library happening inside of the video game as possible, rather than in groups, so the library team actually doesn't have a group. You can access the current route via my home street to check it out.

    I'm actually hoping to increase the number of submissions to the library as much as possible. Might even be some interesting stuff with library towers down the road too.

    I'd be glad to lend you guys a hand as well, catch me with a letter or via my butler :D
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  • Oh my, this is exactly a group for me <3 I collect and take notes I find around Ur and keep them.
    I will keep them until the end of days.
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  • Yay! Let me know if you need an invite :)

    @Moehr Ossum, I prefer to leave notes where they are, but I'd be happy to make copies of them for the library! :) I also have a couple of old copies of glitch magazines lying around, like Bit O' Ur, which I can donate if you don't already have them.
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  • I could use copies of anything! And they will get posted, for certain. I think the magazines are still produced as a print run that they sell on auction so older issues would be better, and only one copy of each - want to keep em scarce, so to speak.

    I usually leave notes where found too. I put in a suggestion for a copywriting permit you could get from the bureaucrats which, when combined with a copying tool, would let you make copies of notes as you read them, attributing them to the original author and remaining uneditable. And uneatitable.
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  • Great, I totally forgot this group existed! Looking for notes right now :D
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  • This is an excellent idea! I'm going to dig up my old notes to submit!

    I'm also writing an article about the group for the Bitchin' Glitchen! Maybe it will help get some more members!
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  • Thank you so much, Abby! :) Can't wait to read it!
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  • As much as I would like to do this the only thing seting me back is that there is no real year or glitch ear on notes so you can't proof what time it is from. :(
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  • @iDylan, That bothers me a lot too. ): The best we can do is guess when a note is likely to have been written based on the content and when it was found, or in this case, posted in the group. I still prefer that to having no record of the notes at all, but I see where you're coming from.
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