***WINNERS POSTED*** MEAT snap contest


Hey all, its summer. You know what that means: BBQ. And you know what that means: MEAT. Anyway, I just got a shiny new subscription and now I can throw a contest. (YAY!) This is going to be a snap contest. The theme is MEAT. Anything to do with meat. So snap a pic of something meaty and send it in. Either in a forum reply or a mail message (to me). 

Things to keep in mind (boring stuff): 

-This is not "picture with most meat wins". Pictures are judged on many different things. 
-Use the short links
-You can be in the picture, or not
-It can be in your house/home street, or not. (see first point though)
-The snaps will be judged by me and a couple friends (at my discretion)
-There needs to be at least 10 people to enter for this to work
-The deadline is 12:00 PM EST on the 31st of July

Now, the exciting stuff:
The prizes:
1st Place: any piece of furniture from this link:
2nd Place: Meat Drumstick Ceiling Light:
3rd Place: Meat Drumstick Floor Lamp:

The first entry is free, however more entries cost 500 currants each. Maximum of 3 total entries per person.

UPDATE 7/9/12: We have 6/10 entries so far. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the amount of entries total.

UPDATE 7/13/12: The contest is on with 11/10 entries. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the amount of entries total. 

UPDATE 3/04/12: The contest is still on... and entry period is over. Judging will begin and hopefully you will get your winnings soon
Happy meat.


1. Palindrome, for his meat monster (winner of any meat furniture)
2. >^.^< for sharing meat (got a Meat Drumstick Ceiling Light)
3. Boris Somemore for his 20ft meat snake (got a Meat Drumstick Floor Lamp)

If you are these people mail me to arrange delivery of prizes. I have also mailed you.

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