Glitch Routes

Glitch Routes is an idea started by Lx (creator of Serious Routes with tis) that brings a new experimental approach to the infrastructure and microcosm of Home Street networks. The goal of Glitch Routes is to further improve the efficiency of gathering resources while making it easier to find, visit, and join different "routes". Signpost connections are no longer required and a relatively more even distribution of associated home street iMG bonus can be achieved with this new system.

Currently the system is not finalized, but if you would like to try it out, visit the following page and enter your desired resource requirements. The results will show a list of buttons that will teleport you instantly (no energy or token cost) to the respective home streets. Clicking a teleport button for the same street you are already on will warp you back to the spawn point for that home street (useful if you are on the far edges of a really wide street and want to quickly return to the middle).

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  • Anty-pants, the display is to help show how recent the data is and if the data is too old, you can make the decision to skip that street, such as if the last scan happened to be over a month ago, the resources would probably have changed. However, the current interface design and layout is also not finalized, so a hiding option could be created in the future, as well as many other things may change :)

    Unfortunately no way to track Icons either.
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  • Works perfectly. I was able to search for 0 [Animals] and got streets with no animals at all. Thanks. :)
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  • I love to see the updated list of items with the time stamp (quite helpful), but can understand why some might want to hide it. 

    One thing that tripped me up with the 0 of something, and it's completely operator head space and timing...but...I was being a goober and assuming that the grayed out 0 was by default searching on zero.  So, when I left the grayed out 0 (obviously a placeholder) for 0 [animals], it returned no streets found.  As long as I entered '0', it worked. 

    ETA: And thanks for the updated explanation about the fireflies in the instructions.  I was going to recommend that for things like fireflies, jellies, barnies, crops/herbs, a bit of an explanation of how to enter the quantities for those to get better search returns might be in order...but I see you are already on it. 
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  • Very cool!
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  • TomC, yep! I understand the rationale and don't get me wrong, I do like it! I was just thinking that a hiding option would be nice as well. To be honest, it's not too distracting but I always feel compelled to read things on the screen, so that's my OCDness shining through. Bummer @ no icons but that just means I just have to be not so lazy and get my own set.  In light of changes/future updates, here's a little wishlist (it's not a demand, sorry if I came off that way earlier)

    1. Perhaps a future update could have the database only show data that has only been updated within a certain period?  Not sure what would be optimal though.

    2. It'll be cool if we could search for street projects. That would make Glitch more fun for me, I always loved projects.

    3. Not sure if this is possible with the current API or if someone else has suggested it, but it'd be really cool to have the tool list the least visited streets of the day (or some time period) so that the visiting love is spread around more.
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  • Like #3 of your list Anty-pants...if it is possible.
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  • Anty-pants, don't worry it never came across as demanding at all :) Great ideas for the wishlist, #1 is already on the to-do list. #2 is a very cool idea, but as with machines and icons, TS doesn't display project info :( hopefully one day though! #3 is also not yet possible with the API, but do hope it will be one day.
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  • @TomC, FYI my search was for 1 swarm & 12 barnacles, so you can judge if it worked or not :)
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  • Aleph Zero, thanks for the info. I just tried "at least 1 Firefly Swarm and at least 12 Mortar Barnacles" and got 13 results. Are you thinking there are more home streets with these resource combinations? Indeed, right now the database is still scanning so in a few days you should find more results :)
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  • Yup, TomC. There are 42 streets that qualify, just on the Barnacles & Fireflies Housing Resources route. Your database is going to be growing a bunch in the next few days :D
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  • Estimation long do you think it will take to have all the players's streets scanned?  And how often do you think you'll update the database?

    Also, with players that have nothing on their streets (ie, likely inactive players, or players that don't want visitors), will you just not include them in the searches for now?  Tibbi's example of providing all streets without animals included a few streets with nothing on them, when I was trying out that search, but I could see how they might be all that got returned if you didn't care which other resources were on the street. 

    I'm also thinking the empty streets (once a player is active) might be good candidates for regular rescanning since some will become active over time, and I suspect most people aren't going to be changing up their resources too much once they have a full street and have them set up the way they want them.  Partially filled streets are the others that would benefit from regular rescanning since players may be adding and updating over time.
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  • Hmm do you mean theoretically "all" players' streets or just all players currently in the database? Right now on average each street is updated once every few hours, but eventually it'll probably be once a day. Streets with nothing on them are currently in searches, but yeah if you search for at least one resource then those shouldn't show up. However there is no way to tell if there are machines, icons, or note poles on those streets so it might not technically have "nothing".

    Yep empty streets are currently scanned once every two weeks to check if they are active again and indeed eventually scanning will be adjusted for streets that are constantly changing or remaining static.
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  • Thanks for all those answers...I was asking about all players' streets for my first question.  Though I guess you could technically just download the data that boom & bust and grelca just posted for all the world to see/access on their non-TS/player built directory tool... ;)
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  • It looks good!!
    I would show a random route in the front page... or something to show how it works from the start.
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  • Yup great idea Tom!
    But how about working with Boom and Bust & Grelca instead?
    I mean, they need your custom route system and you need their display system ;)
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  • To each their own I guess @ Lemo I like how 'clean' the site looks right now and really hope they don't add all that visual stuff...
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  • b3achy, ah all players that have home streets would probably amount to over 10,000 or more, I am not sure if it'll be practical to scan so many people, but perhaps it'll be useful to increase likelihood of finding projects on inactive streets that may have had their resources neglected and depleted (assuming enough people have depleted them in the first place).

    UXRoot, good idea, there will be more in-depth FAQ and usage instructions when the layout is finalized.

    Lemo, we have talked recently and while that might be an interesting collaboration, there are also some larger (and possibly unforeseen) differences down the road. This is just an experiment right now, while grelca is a more formalized and established system. Boom can easily create a custom route system, too and Lx is still working on the Glitch Routes design (current one is temporary).

    WebWeaver, indeed efficiency is the goal and there definitely won't be many images to increase loading times if images aren't necessary.
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  • Ooooh my street's in there!

    I probably won't use it (I like my routines), but thanks for making a new easy way for people to find places to do things they want to do.
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  • If you are not yet in Glitch Routes but wish to add your street to the search pool, the Join page is now available:

    If you are already in Glitch Routes but wish to remove your street from the database, the Leave page is at:

    If you are already in Glitch Routes and wish to remain or if you do not want to join and are not yet in Glitch Routes, no action is needed at the present moment.

    Searching for streets with [#] of different types of resources has been added:
    Note that this search option is separate from the other individual resource criteria.
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  • This is quite handy!
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  • I added my street too... I will cultivate my street more now. (Please come visit me :)
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  • Max results limit per search now 30 instead of 25.
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  • I gotta say, I'm loving this. First off, I adore the opt-in. Next... no more futzing about with road signs. Now I can drill down to jut the resources I want instead of hoping there's a route for it. I can leave the list and go do other things, then come back.

    In the future... any sort of plans for a 'my routes' type of feature? Something where I can collect up the streets I like to visit? 
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  • Sweet Pea, that's a good idea and very much possible. Currently also working on more preset search options. It's now on the to-do list; thanks for your feedback!
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  • Thankyou TomC.
    This website of yours works well really well for me for the following reasons.

    1: I prefer to fully customise a route to only contain streets with my resource requirements and this allows me to do just that.
    2: If I choose to opt in I alone decide what resources I imagine, how many I imagine and where I imagine them on my street.
    3: If I choose to opt in there is no need for me to add any players as friends and link them to my signpost.
    4: Opting in is very a simple process as is opting out.
    5: The web page is clean and uncluttered.
    6: I don't have to wait for anything loading on the page.

    Just one niggle is the text at the top. Perhaps you could increase the font size as even with good eyesight I find it harsh on the eyes. I also think it might help if you break it up into separate points - I've pasted the text below to show you what I mean.

    Fill in the following form with the desired conditions for your route and a randomly generated route will be created from your criteria. You do not need to fill in all the options.

    When searching for Jellisacs and Barnacles, you are searching for total individual quantity of each (which are always in a multiple of 3 since there are 3 in each of the cultivation objects).

    Due to a known bug with not taking into account multiple Firefly Swarms when displaying quantity, only search for 1 Firefly Swarm (despite the fact there may be more than 1 on a home street).
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  • Thank you for the feedback,  Primevil Shambler. The font size and your paragraph suggestion have been updated; may need to hard refresh to see the changes.
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  • Auto 30-day lock prevention post. Working on preset search parameters.
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