Tower Directory *For Those Looking to Sell*

The Ultimate Pitch
     To set up a system by category, similar to the Auction House, via the new VendingBox styles and Towers that have just dropped I don't plan on this phasing out the AH, but the concept is to build a Player Ran, Player-Based Market Place. I have devised up a system to where we all get a 'Sales Pitch' next to our names, stating what we specialize in. (Like ore, or shrine powders.) I would like to keep the sign posts out of this. I guess my best and only suggestion in relation to the posts would be, to keep the tower as close to it as possible. {I.E. Mine is directly between my post and house. You should spawn directly in front of it. ;)} 

~~The URban Outlet Mall~~

     I just wanted to throw it out there.  I got a Directory I would like to set up that does NOT require you to use a signpost.  3 out of my 5 are used myself, and I don't see the point in jacking up the system.  Albeit the fact that sometimes due to 'multiple routes' people's signs don't always line up, per 'Specs'.  So I tend to end up in BFE, and off route, requiring me to keep the list open on the side at all times.  If this could be integrated into 'The Database' fine, but these are Lists, not Routes.  My method has the list open on the side, and eliminates posts.  Everyone's street be 2 clicks from the List at this current point in time.

     This is all stemmed from conversations players and I had throughout my MMO days of a Player-Based Market.  99% usually naysay.  But in part of games like Final Fantasy, and the opportunities of Glitch, this has been birthed.

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