Hear ye Hear ye Glitchen of Ur - Winners Announced

Croppa Day - Mabfest

Competition Winners - Sally Someone - Ari Cloud

Congratulations to you both, Prizes are on their way as soon as I get in game :D

Also I would like to say a huge thank you to the following who helped sponsor this Mabfest event
Bumblebeez - Bored no more - Diablo - Piece of Serenity - Banyan and my darling Joe Blow

This event is now over Mab Bless you all

This is a Player Created Event - Everyone is invited


I am throwing a Mabfest Paty onn my street and in my tower on Saturday 28th July

12 Noon PST


8 PM UK time (GMT)

I have tons of food and drinks, I have potions and essences all I need is you to come. Just for fun dress as a veggie or a herb :D lets give those new colors in vanity a real work out :DDD

see you all later, PS dont forget the competition end Midnight Sunday (PST) !! :DDD

Mab has decreed we Glitchen are to once again celebrate Croppa Day in her honor.

How shall we celebrate?

On croppa day (26th July or there abouts) there will be hidden in Ur Gift of the Mab gift boxes - find one and its yours to enjoy

But there's more/moar/mo

A Vegetable Art Contest to delight her Vegetationalness Mab - starts today!!

Decorate a room in your tower /or house using vegetables and herbs and ONE MAB EMBLEM

You may use any free non subscription furnishings and any free non subscription wall/floor/ceiling colors- Also very important

All submissions must be a picture taken in-game - also very important


Croppa Monster is on the go,
Looking for Glitchen who wield a hoe,
A prize is theirs if they manefest,
A Veggie Artwork deemed the best.

Contest to be judged by our own non corruptable judge.

The winner(s) shall receive a food related (credit bought) furniture item

SUBMISSIONS IN THIS THREAD ONLY PLEASE - Contest to run until midnight 29th July 2012

** ONE submission per player only - please be fair do not use an alt for a second entry. **

There will be a dress as a veggie party on my street on Saturday 28th July. this will most likely be a day long event so get yer veg on n come along for some fun :DDD

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