Monster Hunt Wednesday at 6pm at mucid Memes (GMT-5)

Monster Hunt at 6:00pm (GMT-5), 08/01/2012 at Mucid Memes
Rules of hunt -
-Bring monster hunting clothes if possible.
-Monster will appear and may throw stones at you (give you shiny objects), so come with very empty bags or very full ones
-Monster has bad breath so bring something to recharge your mood, or arrive without any :D
-To succesfully slay the monster, it must be given an Amorous Philtre heart 3 times. Plan on having 3 on hand in case you're the only monster hunter who shows up.
-For those who land a heart on the monster, you will get a "get out of hell free" card.

I will be playing the part of the monster :D

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  • I probably won't have the chance to play...but wanted to say that this sounds like a neat, fun new game...Enjoy!!
    Posted 7 years ago by b3achy Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I won't be able to play, either, but it looks like fun! Is the monster likely to appear again?
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  • I think the monster is more than likely to appear again :D. I hear the monster likes to wander streets that are out of the way, and prefers darker areas.
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  • Just checking the time for the monster hunt -- 6pm your time, which is GMT -5. Is this right? If so, I hope to be there!
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  • This sounds super cute and fun! :D
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  • Indeed correct, Kastlin! 6pm my time, and I'm in Eastern Standard, which should be GMT -5. My friends in the UK always go to bed much earlier than I do :D.

    To those who are attending: There have been preliminary reports of a monster stomping around in Shimla Mirch, fitting the description of the badguy we've been looking for. Someone even managed to snap a photo, but the beast quickly sauntered off in a huff. This is the first time the beast has been photographed, to our knowledge:

    You'll note the monster has wings and has been known to fly about as it makes its attacks. You might want to bring something with you to help you get high. And no, I don't mean this:
    or this:
    But rather this:
    or this:

    The monster makes attacks with its horrible breath, by throwing stones into your pockets, by slobbering via its tentacles, and by kicking up a cloud of dust with its wings that causes sneezing fits. It's also been heard to make terrible puns and there's rumours that it even devours an occasional glitch or two. It's serious business!

    Mucid Memes seems to be a good place to launch the attack since there's none of the ledges the monster is used to hopping about on, making it easier to catch with Amorous Philtre than it usually is:

    Bring at least one bottle so you can try to drop one of the three hearts on it that you'll need to hit it with to defeat it!
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  • On in 10 minutes!
    Edit: Here's a link to the street name:

    edit 2: Haha! Dr. Babycat jumped onto the street and vanquished the monster in epic time, singlehandedly! I suppose next time the monster will be ravaging the cavern haunts I'm told it likes to visit!

    edit 3: LadyUtena gave the monster hunt a stab, and scored several successful wounds unattended!
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  • This is really fun!  Having more people around would make it pretty awesome (I showed up on my own).  Even if it were played without prizes, it's a really cool game.  
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  • If anyone wants we could orchestrate a group for future monster hunts, especially if there's a few who'd like to play the monster. As silly and generally harmless as the monster hunt is, I'd hate to drag in people who weren't actually playing the game :D
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  • Sorry I missed it, but work called. Will keep an eye out for future monster hunts.
    (PS  I might even consider being a monster.)
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  • This was so much fun. Looking forward to the next one. 
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