Trader Glitches Farmer's Market

The Trader Glitches Farmer's Market Trader Glitches Farmer's Market
Founded by Sparrow Odele

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Market! Market! It's time for a Market!

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PLEASE! All types of vendors are welcome! If you sell potions, furniture, musicblocks, ANYTHING, come! 

Never Been to a Market? New to the Group?
Here's how the Markets work:
a) Independent vendors or stores can set up an area for selling or bartering their goods. Bring a sheet of paper and list what you are selling or trading for and drop it on the ground next to you.b) All transactions can be trade or purchased in currants. c) To start a transaction please use the in game "Trade" menu option on the player menu (this will help avoid any confusion in the chats). d) The trading parties will barter and settle on what they believe to be a fair trade or price. If they can not come to an agreement, then please cancel the trade. e) Feel free to announce your goods and location in the chats. 

There will be a platform with free food and hooch. If anyone would like to volunteer to cook, feel free to do so. I already have the hooch, but if anyone doesn't volunteer to do food I'll gladly do so myself. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, but do to some RL obligations I will not be able to coordinate a market for this upcoming saturday, but we will have one on Wednesday and Saturday of next week. 

If you can't make them all, please don't miss em all!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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