Kang and Kodos Glitchhouse of Horror Zilloween Special: coming soon!

Please do not even think about coming to this terrifying and perhaps shocking show if you are of a tender disposition! 

Please do not even think about inviting all your friends to see the latest production of the PPLAY team that brought you "The Shiny Object That Was A Dirty Fork."

Please, if you are already an actual cast member of this show, consider attending a rehearsal/brainstorming session today (Thursday) -- two have been scheduled, one at 1 p.m. and the other at 5 p.m., Boston time. There we can polish our magnificent production and also figure out so we can advertise some real show times.

ETA: PPLAY = Players and Performers, Live All Year, a traveling theatre troupe of rampant glitchen. Wealthy patrons of the glitch arts, why not plan to book a show for your favorite tower? 

Our motto: "Good times in Glitch -- we deliver!"

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  • Scary Zilloween-worthy news, delivered to Global forum by PPLAY member Gummy Bear. Out of respect, I will copy and paste what she said there:

    Global, Please let everyone who was coming to the Show at Vocable's tower, There has been a delay. Our writers were eaten by some kind of green slime, and actors coated in the blood of the writers. And the erotic nude dancers? Got covered in black concrete mold. This is hard on them. Aside from that, we would perform you our Wonderfully Funny and already fully-completed script. No one come to Vocable's tower to night. Thank you!

    Thanks to you all for your understanding, and we will be having more super shows in the future. I also suggest that TS consider closing Global Chat now, because it is clear that Gummy Bear just won Global.
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  • I have just watched the full show, And it is GREAT! People can come by to see it. I also advertised in global AGAIN.. I do it really long so people notice... And in bold :) One thing spelled wrong this time!
    Also.... Bring underwear.... 2 extra pairs,
    1st pair, We will BLOW YOUR CLOTHES OFF
    2nd, You may wet yourself in discorvery
    3rd, So no probes get injected.... (There may or may not be probes... Im not saying :).
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