Giant Cubimal Raffle takes place weekly at Party HQ. 11 tickets. 11 giants. one winner.

How does the raffle work?
11 raffle notes are in the SDB at Zen's tower, Party HQ.
Each note has the name of a giant.
When all notes are purchased, Zen will roll a 12-die
If your giant is rolled, you win a cubimal box!

How do I play?
Buy as many raffle notes as you wish.
After buying, immediately mail them to Zen Biped.
Mention what series box you want if you win.
Zen Biped will record your user name on the ticket.
When all notes are bought and sent, Zen will roll the die.
If you win, Zen awards your box in person or by mail.
You'll also be added to the winner's list outside the tower.

What if Zen rolls rook on the 12-die?

If Zen Rolls the rook, he'll roll until he gets a giant.
That person will win BOTH boxes!

How can raffle tickets be invalidated?
They can be invalidated if
1. They are forgeries not written by Zen Biped
2. They are notes written for a previous raffle
3. They are submited 24 hours after the dice roll.
Can I buy a box outright?
Yes, at the old vendor price of 5,500c.
There'll always be 2 boxes present.

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  • August 4th: The lucky giant was Spriggan!
    August 5th: The lucky giant was Grendaline!
    August 6th: The lucky giant was Lem!
    August 7th: No tickets purchased. Raffle cancelled.

    Raffle is changing to a weekly rotation due to low interest.
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  • Entered Tickets:

    Pending Tickets:

    Unpurchased Tickets:
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