from the newbies

i am a newbie of the level 3. i ask you to please not give us anything but something small like ONE cherry. do not give us fancy tools and things. why you ask? its we want to experiance the game. that chalange of buying the bigger bag. keeping up our own energy so we dont die.not being able to have luxeries such as no-no. that is what makes glitch fun.

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  • did you ask every newbie about this? if not please do not speak for all of them
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  • To me, at least when I was a newbie, having people be nice and give me stuff was part of experiencing the game and building relationships with others. I still remember the people who helped me out when I first started in September.
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  • I would tend to agree with him from my newbie experience ^^
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  • I really enjoyed the EXTREMELY random kinds of gifts people gave me when I was super new. Especially, especially, ESPECIALLY the bags people gave me!

    If you are a new person who really doesn't want a big bag or a stack of meat or 15 green eggs, why not just discreetly drop them for somebody else who would like to have them to pick them up?
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  • Please change your title to "from a newbie".
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  • Welcome to Ur!

    Considering I've had some new players begging me for items and money I must agree that this is your opinion and not the opinion of all new players. As mentioned above, dropping items for others, or even giving the items to others, is a perfectly good option for you if you'd prefer to do everything on your own :)

    You're level 4 now, so once you get to level 6 the gifts will slow down a bit. There is a quest for people of higher levels to give players of levels 3, 4, & 5 gifts. Since invites have only just reopened new players are getting a lot of gifts. On top of that, Glitchen tend to be very giving critters :)

    Happy Glitchng!
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  • Buns are a great gift for low level players - they can easily turn them into Sammiches, with iMG for crafting, plus they can eat or sell the Sammich as needed.
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  • I agree with the OP. I loved receiving the occasional gift (still have the emo-bear my Greeter gave me) but striving for survival was a huge part of the fun initially. It went right along with learning skills and discovering the world of Ur.

    Also, I have found that lots of gifting encourages moochers. They develop a habit of begging and get surprised-to-belligerent when people don't give them stuff. Seen it many times. Generosity is very much a part of Glitch culture but making life easy for a newbie isn't generous. It's a "root, Hog, or die" world out there and they need to learn to root, if only because their experience of the game will be better.
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  • I think it's going to depend on different playing styles that people have. Some will be like the OP, wanting to do everything themselves, and others appreciate a little help. I tend to ask new players if they need/want anything before giving it so that they have the chance to say no. If you receive something you don't want, just give it away to someone else.

    When I was new in January things were different- I had no house so the gifts of bigger bags were so appreciated. Eventually someone even gave me the currants I needed to buy a house. I am still very grateful to them for that and I try to pass on the kindness they showed me.
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  • I am not sure this really belongs in announcements.
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  • I'm with Innie. This belongs in General. 
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  • i didn't mind getting tools and things that was useful to me in later levels

    I have uses for all things people gave me
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