[UPDATED: See what badges I got] Calling all new and established glitchens - free cubis with very few strings attached (help me get some badges)

My plan was to give some cubis away for free. However, there are a few badges that I'd like for you to help me achieve. This way, you'll learn more about the game (for the new players), and I don't get grief from other established players for enabling new players. Here's the deal. If you'd like a cubi, leave your name here. I will randomly give you at least one free cubi depending on the number of people signing up. I will set a time and date where we will meet on my street. Here are the badges that I'd like to obtain:

The Kindness of Strangers - just water/pet/harvest my trees, harvest from my jellisac and barnacle mounts, pet/nibble/feed my piggies and butterflies
Coat of Open Arms - send me a simple IM while you're on my street. You'll also be working towards your chatting badges. I would encourage new players to send IMs to other players as well. 
Trader Carl - the cubis are almost free. All you have to do is initiate a trade with me and give me 1 currant. You'll also be working towards your trading badges. I encourage new players to trade with other players on my street as well. 
Crowded House - I will randomly invite 3 people to my house first.
House Party - Then I will open the house to everyone even if it's over 17 people. 

Here is the list of some cubis that are up for grabs. Again, it will be randomly chosen by me. I haven't decided if I'll use an online randomizer. I might be choosing which cubi to give to you based on your level. Don't question my method if you deem that it's unfair later on. If you want to leave a message stating which one/s you prefer, that's fine with me. 

squid, gnome, butler, sno cone, dust bunny, frog, crab, hell's bartender, batterfly, fox, uralia street spirit, emo bear, groodle street spirit, chick, butterfly, sloth, pig, firebog street spirit, Illmenskie Jones, fox ranger, gwen, greetbot, yeti, juju, uncle friendly, deimaginator, bureaucrat, funpickle, scion of purple...and more

I will set a time whenever I get a decent number of people signing up! Good luck! Also, if you know any new players that don't check the forums frequently, please let them know about this so they can join!!!

There are roughly 100 cubis available.

UPDATE: I'm available next Monday 8/13 from 11 AM - 6 PM CST. Stop by my street for some fun!

UPDATE: I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me out since I started this thread. You all have been amazingly supportive and helpful. The kindness of Glitchens always amazes me. Just when I thought people couldn't be nicer, they exceed my expectation. The messages and gifts that I have received in the past few days were very unexpected. Once again, I thank you all for showing me how great this community is. On the day of the event, I met some really wonderful Glitchens who helped me achieve The Kindness of Strangers, Trader Carl, Crowded House, and House Party. We also unexpectedly got the The Swarm badge after we released over 31 cubimals for racing at once. That was a wonderful surprise! The cubimals have found some great homes. I don't know if you've noticed but I named all of them Lala..hehehe....Also, I was very happy to see that many players got badges of their own. This has been such a positive event that I will certainly do this again. I really loved the sense of community that this event has accidentally created. Next time, I will undoubtedly give out cubimals for 1 currant again. I will also save up currants to give away unopened cubimal boxes based on the results of gameshow tickets. I've got some great ideas coming! Thanks again for everyone who has stopped by my street and showed great support. Unfortunately, I did not achieve the Coat of Open Arms badge (chatted with 251 players). So if we haven't chatted, please shoot me an IM when you see me running around Ur. Until next time, keep on giving, Glitchens!

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