Help MindaPuppy have a "cool" birthday!

Ok folks, don't know if this will work or not but what the heck rite? I know of this Glitch by the name of MindaPuppy, that would really like to party in  Winter Wingdings for her birthday in three days. She's a good kid and has been an awesome Glitch by giving out free stuff on the Freebie Jeebies route, So I figured I would call on all the other Glitches out there to make this a reality for her. If ya can help please drop by and drop off any donations with her butler. Thank you to those that help in advance:D

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  • Thanks max :D this makes me so happy :D I've given it my all to do what I can on my, own, that's still not enough. Thanks to everyone who helps I can't do this without you! If you help and are online @ the time of my party, come to my birthday and I'll make a speech about how great you all are 20 mins prior to the party ending. I hope to see you there if this becomes a reality!


    P.S I'm changing my name on the day my birthday is, leave a reply to help me think up a good name to change to! I want it to be something appropriate, (for example, "Dick Fucker Rocket", "Krystal McSemen", "STD Power" would not be good ideas. Bye and thanks x999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999!
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  • Oh, nevermind..."Dick Fucker Rocket" was gonna be my suggestion.
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  • MidnaPuppy, you make me laugh so much.  I want some of what you are on...

    Have a lovely birthday and party!
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  • Bump for the thread!
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