A Reference for Interior Design **with new section on Wardrobe**

This website, is for newbies and oldies alike.  If you need some inspiration for designing your Glitchy home, then here is a reference guide for you.  There are tips and tricks, themed rooms, and an advice column.  

If you have a decorating question, you can post to this group, designUrs.

The website is ever-evolving.  One of my long-time goals is to showcase all the various furniture combinations with their complementary wallpaper.  If there is a particular theme you want to see, just post here.

And thank you to all the Glitches who have let me to showcase their decorative creations on this website.  Please comment or like their snaps by clicking on the link to their profile page (posted on the slideshow picture).

**EDIT 1**  Sororia Rose set up a new section on wardrobe.  Check it out!

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