Where's Bruce?, Round the Third (Closed)

Welcome to the third installment in the under-recognized but still epically cool Where's Bruce projects!

Choose one of the following. Itís like a test. Only it doesnít measure anything. And there are no grades. Unless you choose #7. Then you fail.

A. I already know what this is all about because Iím a returning victim, an observant lurker, or just a general know-it-all, and I want to participate in this latest totally cool project without having to read one of your interminable forum posts, which by the way are not as witty as you think they are.

b. I have no idea whatís going on but Iím awesome and I like to play and I want to do something fun and I can tell already I wonít mind your interminable forum post because itís sure to be brilliant and hilarious.

?. I know about this and I want to be involved but the usual requirements are too much for me because Iím too busy, too shy, too lazy, or otherwise unable/unwilling to dress up in a totally ridiculous outfit and run all over tarnation taking humiliating pictures of myself.

IV. Sounds cool but I have a really short attention span and I donít think itís fair to make us wait a month to see the results.

?. This looks cute and under other circumstances I might consider playing, but I am staff and this is probably beneath my dignity.

mc≤. I wish there were a FAQ. I sure do like FAQs. Is there a FAQ?

7. I think these ďWhereís Bruce?Ē projects are cheap unoriginal copycat knockoffs of the real thing and I donít know why people even bother because basically I find you kind of annoying and full of yourself.


NOTE: Iíve broken this post down and will be linking to replies rather than putting all the information here for three reasons: 1) to make it easier for you to read while giving the impression that Iím not longwinded; 2) to showcase my expertise at misusing forum posts while correctly using the ďpermalinkĒ function; and 3) to trick people into thinking this is a hot topic by how quickly it has garnered so many replies. If you object to any of these things, please post a reply saying so. Which will make this topic seem even MORE popular. Win-win!

ALSO NOTE: In the interests of curbing my tendencies to publicly threaten the people who read my Bruce posts, I've removed the warning here about what I would've done to anyone who'd interfered with my reply formatting scheme by jumping in and commenting before I got all seven informational replies in.

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