The Great Mystery Box Live Auction!

Yesterday I attended an awesome auction put on by Meat Assassin, with the highlight being the gift box with mystery items inside. A great amount of fun was had by all, many of whom engaged in fierce bidding wars just for the hell of it. It was so exciting that someone even died. (*cough*... so not me!) So with the help of my lovely sister Quatchi, we've decided to hold an auction of our very own :)

Details:  Tomorrow August 16 at Noon PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, GMT-7). There will be 10 glorious gift boxes for auction, filled a variety of fun items, each box increasing in value. It will take place on the second floor of Quatchi's Tower, The Awesome Blossom.

I hope to see a great turnout, the more people the more fun!


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  • Its starting in 10 minutes, hope to see you there!
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