GlitchSecret is now on tumblr with some of your secrets that I have made into postcards! 
I have made 5 so far, but plan on making more because I had a lot of fun with it! Send me your secrets and I will post them in my tower. I will continue to make some of the secrets into postcards and I will post them on the tumblr. 

Instructions: Mail me your secret (silly or serious), I will then write it out on a note. Since real PostSecrets are decorated, feel free to attach any item that you feel relates to your secret and I will display it in an SDB above the note pole. 
What you get: I will mail everyone one thousand currants for the first secret I get from them. Feel free to send me additional secrets, I will send you 500 currants for each additional secret (up to 5 or so?). Additionally, I will take my favorite secrets and make real decorated postcardsEverything you send me will be completely confidential.Please message me if you have any questions or comment here :) 

I hope this project add to the Glitch community. There are already 4 secrets up in my tower, go check them out!-Rach.the.emobear(formerly 'rachaelah')

Update: GlitchSecret is now truly confidential! If you want to submit without me even knowing your glitch username you can submit here:

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  • Ooh, neat to see some of them made into the postcard format!
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