I like the Glitch community.

Except that guy who mines a rock down halfway. Screw that guy.
(just kidding)

ACSI (Affordable Credentials Sponsorship Initiative)

A group where we buy 'Your Papers' for 100 currants, and sell them on auction for 500 or lower.
Every once in a while.
That's it.

1. Makes this document available to New players everywhere.
2. Undercuts excessive price gougers.
3. Makes you some profit.
4. Quietly makes things better.

The reason I chose 500 is so there was some room for average players to in turn undercut me, thereby (occasionally) rendering me redundant- which is good when it happens.

Unchecked, prices usually ranged from 900 to 2000. During the recent influx of players, my 11 or so documents were all purchased overnight, and in the morning more than 10 'profiteers' were trying to get 2400 to 7200 from players who don't know better for a document worth 100!

All it would take is for players with the Bureaucratic Arts 1 skill to purchase a few 'Your Documents', then auction them for 500 or less if needed.

It's that simple.

So, you can chip in, or not- thanks for your time either way!
Do tell your friends- maybe one of them might be interested!


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  • To be honest i dont think this idea will take off as 500c for your papers is really expencive espeically when you check the prices of glitch remote (currently going for 111c as i type this) there for asking for 500 or less is really high to me. 

    I can understand you wanting to help the newbies but if they get the trade channel upgrade when they first start then they would be linked to glitchremote and not the auction part of the site.

    good luck
    Posted 8 years ago by Miki Takahashi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • SDB/Tower prices are typically lower than auction prices,  but the majority of people don't know about 3rd party services like glitchremote,  or forget to use them.

    500c seems reasonable to me, for the reasons stated by Biofellis.  
    Posted 8 years ago by shhexy corin Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Yes, new players are not going to know all of the alternatives and if they are being duped into paying 3000c at the auctions, this is a good idea IMO.
    Posted 8 years ago by Kookaburra Subscriber! | Permalink
  • An excellent idea! Next time I'm near a "hall of bureaucrocs" I'll be sure to pick up a couple of sets and put them on auction for "500 or less" (possibly MUCH less).
    Posted 8 years ago by kastlin Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @ shhexy corin,  yeah i understand what you are say but as i said in my comment that if they are in trade then they would be told about glitchremote and be pointed in the right direction etc 
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  • I like this idea. If new players can find them cheaper elsewhere then that's even better, but the quest does specifically suggest buying from the auction so it makes sense that some of them will look there first.
    Posted 8 years ago by Chimeric Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @Servant Bean

    500 is high- it's a 500% markup- but the point is to encourage change in the 'expected price' by the community 'learning' that any auction posting OVER 500 is just going to be undercut. It is still way cheaper than anyone else ever offers on auction 'unmotivated'- but that's not the point!

    In real life, most businesses thrive on a 30%-70+ profit margin- In Glitch on auctions, people aren't happy unless they're getting double- and in this case, 9x-72x 'fair' price.

    I don't really 'blame' them- 'free market' & all- but considering this is pretty strictly a new user item, 'buyer beware' is replaced with 'there's a sucker born every minute.'

    Anyway. I see your reservations, and encourage people to auction at even lower, but the 'ceiling' for this group is 500, which I think, considering the purpose, isn't excessive. I paid 900 for my papers after watching auctions for a few hours and deciding whether or not it was worth the walk (not to mention investment in the Bureaucracy I skill). It was to be the best deal I saw till I started posting better myself. In the last month if you've seen a price lower than 500, You can be certain my 500 was there 1st!

    Also, just a reminder, new users don't generally know about the glitch remote, SDBs, etc.
    They are 'new'.

    But 'Auctions' are right up there in the top bar.

    Also, (and most importantly) you forget- Trade channel access is an upgrade card! They need to have it offered (random), then spend 200 iMG!

    Everyone else, thanks for input, support & participation!
    Hopefully joining & auctioning off some papers will be next!
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  • I really like this idea Biofellis. I will join and help you out. :)
    Posted 8 years ago by MaeBerry Subscriber! | Permalink
  • 8 members so far- which is a good start!

    Consider joining please! Making new glitches happy couldn't be easier!

    Well- I guess it could- but this is pretty cool all the same!
    Posted 8 years ago by Biofellis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I was selling them for 150 in my tower, and building permits for 700, but I keep being bought out by resellers.  I mean, that's okay - anyone is welcome to purchase, and do what they like - but if newbies and lowboys aren't really benefitting then I might as well be making the profit so I can keep my other prices low.  Still under 500 for the Papers, though!
    Posted 8 years ago by Scarlett Bearsdale Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I think any new player who knows how to find towers with resources he wants (except by chance) is doing pretty good.
    This is a 1-shot per player deal. Except for resale, most players will never need or buy again. So I'm trying to raise the odds in their favor.
    As you know, the lower the price for the newbies- the more likely the resellers are to buy you out to control the price. If our actual active membership grows, then we can lower our price ceiling as well, because we will be able to compensate for buyout attempts as a group!
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