New region- Ormonos

Either I've been not paying attention to anything the past few days or we have a new region between Alakol, Bortola and Firozi, called Ormonos. It's fairly awesome.

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  • It came in because of the Epic being completed last night.
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  • I love the music here! :)
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  • I figured it was because of the feat...maybe someone should delete this thread because everyone knows Ormonos exists anyway XD
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  • Oh man, GIANT costumes! I can be any giant I want now! YAY!
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  • Ormonos has been in the Glitch API for a LONG TIME now, like a year or more I've heard. I was ecstatic to see it come to life, though slightly disappointed it was another mountain/plain region. But there are two more new lands coming today and I'm hoping they're some strange new awesomeness. We couldn't feat for nearly a week and only get one new region :D
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  • I like Ormonos. It's nicely filled with flora and fauna (and a few different kinds of background flora, too, it seems). The paths through the streets have a few interesting twists and climbs and little caverns. Definitely fun to walk around and explore. It may not have a drop dead gorgeous vista like Firozi's seaside streets but Ormonos has a good feel to it and I'll definitely be adding this to my regular list for resource collecting. Nice job.
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  • Ormonos may be rugged but there are some pretty spots:

    (I hope the links work, it's my first time posting links to my snaps)
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