Dice game tonight EDIT games over. stop by next friday at 9pm edt

Friday 10/19/12

12 prizes (12 rounds)

Bring ONE pair of red dice to my tower at 9pm EDT (8pm central time)

What happens then?

The number changes all the time, all you have to do is roll it.
If I call double 5's, and you are the first person to roll double 5's in one roll, you win! its that simple.

You can only roll one pair of dice, but you can keep rolling until someone wins.
If you spam multiple pairs of dice you will be removed from the tower without receiving any prizes.
After a winner is determined please stop rolling, so we can continue on smoothly to another round.
You may only win one prize. If you win you are welcome to stay and watch, but please do not roll your dice in any other rounds.

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