Looking for a few good glitchen

Heya - there has been some turnover among the HRR curators, and I am currently compiling a new list of people who are interested in curating one of the HRR routes. At the moment I only have a few routes available, but even if I don't have a route for you at the moment, I may in the future.

The "job" entails a few things:
1) Being in-game on a regular basis, at least once every few days.
2) A willingness to pay attention to the route list and get in touch promptly with route members who need to make changes.
3) The ability to keep the route list updated in the group forums and to respond clearly to messages from current or prospective route members in that channel.
4) The ability to use the Glitch Housing website to manage your route.
5) Notifying me if you become unable to continue as curator.

If you are interested in becoming a curator, please mail me directly!

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