GHOST TOUR! Sunday, 6pm pacific! Join us!

I just finished getting my ghosts and faded heart and I've got the route down pretty much! It involves a few teleports, if you're in a hurry, or if you want to enjoy the tour through Ur, we can teleport, walk, take the subway, and get it all done in, maximum, 3 hours as long as no one lingers in a location for too long! 

I will try to provide substantial food and drink but if not, I do know radiation and have an overabundance of random kindness I will be carrying with me.

If you are able to join us, please join the group here and be ready at 6pm, this Sunday the 4th! (If you are partly done with your ghosts and only need a few in select locations, please also join the group and I will send you an IM when we reach those locations and we can summon you!)

Since the official ghost tour group seems kind of dead, I'm hoping to do these semi-regularly for those that are unable to find them on their own. I will base that decision on how much participation there is for this first tour! If not, I will be posting snaps of the ghosts to my profile tomorrow as we find them (and making TP scripts should someone want to host their own tour!) and it should be a great time! :D Look forward to seeing you!

Posted 7 years ago by Kurtie Subscriber! | Permalink


  • Oh, I would like to join one of these sometime. Unfortunately, this one starts at 1am in my time zone so it will not work for me...
    Posted 7 years ago by Vic Fontaine Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Very sorry! Well if this round goes well, I will definitely be hosting more, so join the group anyway! :D
    Posted 7 years ago by Kurtie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I think I can come. :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Miss Kitcat Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I will be there, woop :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Sterne Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh poop, I'm busy yet again.
    Posted 7 years ago by Avnas Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Since I'm still looking for my last ghost, I will check back for this event.
    Posted 7 years ago by Robin Beeswax Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Aw, I saw this too late. Maybe next time. It sounds kinda fun though :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Oranges Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I found two ghosts and now I cannot find any more. It is driving me bonkers.
    Posted 7 years ago by Zilbert Xpigg Subscriber! | Permalink
  • No problem! I'll be hosting one again, hopefully sometime this week! It was definitely fun :D 
    Posted 7 years ago by Kurtie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I missed last night's tour since it was too late where I am but I've joined for next time! Thanks for organizing!
    Posted 7 years ago by Cathyvil d'Purpple Subscriber! | Permalink