Please say thanks to my favorite Glitch!

(I'm awfully sorry that I wasn't sure where to put this. Apologies if this is the wrong forum.)

My mother, Muffinmilk, LOVES Glitch. She's levelling up faster than I did, and it's her refuge from all the bad news of the day. She lives in lower Manhattan and was affected by Sandy (no damage or injuries happily!). When she got power back after a week, she went right back to Glitch and has been playing quite a lot in the days leading up to the election.

Today, she's been volunteering at the polls in New York City since 5am. She's seen more than 1500 voters so far! I am so proud of her -- in her late 60s she's just as politically active and involved as ever. I thought it would be really nice to surprise her with some thanks from people in her favorite game.

I'm not begging for any items at all. All I ask is, if you find yourself with a spare moment and you are so inclined, perhaps you could drop by her street ( and leave a little "thank you" message with her butler. She'd really get a kick out of it!

Thank you very much for reading. :-)

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  • As a fellow Manhattanite (UES), I applaud your mother and all the other volunteers, especially after the chaos of last week!

    (I'm Joe Blow, and I approve this message)
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  • Thank you Joe! You've got my vote.
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  • awwww, I also applaud your Mom & all the other volunteers... that's awesome...
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  • Just want to say thank you so much to everyone who did this! It was a really lovely surprise for my mom. I am very grateful to you all! :D
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