Best Street Party and Gas-a-Thon Ever!!! Wednesday noon-4 Eastern (35th of Remember)

Come to Flash's Flatulence Festival and Zilloween Gas-o-Rama!

When: 35th of Remember (that's Wednesday, Nov. 14, 12-4pm ET, 11am-3pm CT, 10am-2pm MT, 9am-1pm Pacific).


Flash McPherson's Home Street;

Why: How many reasons do you need?

>>We have lots of free food and drink. I'm really hoping to get 17 people in the house and tipsy.

>>There's free stuff strewn along the second floor.

>>You can answer the four riddles on the street. (Think about our gassy theme.) Hand a note to my butler with your answers and you'll be entered in the drawing for fabulous prizes.

>>Speaking of the butler, Stu Piddly, he would be honored if you would cook up some Awesome Stew. Go pick some beans and Flash will provide the veggies, meat, and spice.

>>Did I mention fabulous prizes? At a bare minimum there will be 3 icons of Grendaline (patron giant of underwater farts) and 17 rainbow snow-cones.

>>At 6am in-world time, we'll be having cubimal races. We could have 31 racers or even 32 or--dare I say it?--33 at once. I'll have a reasonable number of free cubimal boxes for people.

>>At 6pm in-world time, Flash will be distributing up to 77 game boxes. At the appointed moment, we'll all open them at once and have Flash's Crash of Flash Bash, with as many as 77 virtual games virtually crashing at virtually the same time! 

>>Come exchange Zilloween candy. Say Hi. Pick my bean (cause) and gas (effect) trees. The possibilities are almost endless.  

I hope to see EVERYONE there. (And I'll know if you're missing.)

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