Dec 9 Farewell Party

I know we've got some time but would love to get people's help and ideas on how we can properly say goodbye on December 9th.  I'm thinking a party on each subway stop street in Ur that would occur during the last 4 hours.  We should have a group in charge of each street party and we can make each one differently themed.  So we would need food, drinks, potions, tp scripts (to allow glitches to get each of the party streets), and anything else that would strike your fancy.  

Let me know if you'd like to help and what you'd like to do (e.g. in charge of food for a location, lead setup of party in street, etc). 

Maybe I should create a group to make this easier to coordinate?

Maria Diatorre: Hooch
Lady Snugglesworth

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  • I've bought some hooch for the occasion. How much hooch are we going to need? I'll buy as much as I can afford. 
    A lot of people were warm to the idea that we were going to spend our last hours in Hell, in the bar, when I suggested it as well, though the subway stops seem like a good idea too. We should probably party in a lot of locations on the last day.
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  • I would be up for helping! Just let me know! I could make food and drink,and anything else I can help with. I wish this wasn't closing though :( I wonder what time they are closing here. I'm terrible at time zones lol
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  • For those people trying to work out the time and date of The Biggest End Of The World Party EvUr*, I recommend this link.

    * I'll call it what I want while I'm coping, dagnabit.
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  • So sad :,(
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  • Lol! @Caesura - I like your title better!

    I'll try to make a list this afternoon of all the locations and what we will need there.  
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  • I won't be around to do as much organising as I would this time round, but I'd just like to remind everyone that we /have/ done the whole end of the world thing before! The mountains of stuff party last time was fantastic:

    This was before the days of Glitch Snaps, but there are some photos in SugarQb's flickr if anyone wants to dig that far.

    Gl to people hosting it this time, it's going to be fun :D
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  • @Saro - that link is great!  Definitely can use it to create the themes for each street.
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  • Hi All - I've created a topic in the Last Goodbye group.  Going to be using that to organize and plan.;
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  • You probably don't need TP scrips, since they are on subway streets?
    Couldn't you just all take the subway between them ;)

    I think things left in public streets disappear after a specific amount of time though, because I saw ALL the emblems at GFJ disappear within seconds, or rather I left that part of the frame and came back and they were gone very very quickly, and only one person was moving through the street and I know there were too many for them to take in their bags.
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  • I would be happy to make TP scripts.
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  • Biohazard: Was thinking of some places not exactly on the subway routes like Jal or a preserve.  Put the draft list up on Last Goodbye forum.   Also TP scripts would be helpful to secret locations that not all glitches have been to.  

    Supershero: putting your name down!  :)
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