Project Goodnight Groddle Part One - Adanac Note Forest

Those of you present for the first beta will remember the previous End Of The World... Grand parties, Mountains of Stuff and of course the crazy scramble of the final release! What a long way Glitch has come since then! (Do you remember, back then cubimals could fly?)

We're all sad to see Glitch go, and lots of us have already left tributes at Cebarkul, Distant End, and I'm sure a number of other places I haven't found yet. But here is a plan for a special place, perhaps one of many, where we can gather and let our imaginations and memories create something special...

So here is the plan:

Step 1: Write a Note
Or two. Or three. Write a heartfelt thank you or a sorrowful goodbye. A piece of poetry or a story. For the less creative of us, a quote, someone else's poem, or a song lyric (I'm not the most literary of people, so I've just been dropping Sondheim everywhere!)

Step 2: Go to Adanac in Groddle Forest
Easy Peasy. You might want to climb up onto the trees before step three.

Step 3: Drop the Note

OPTIONAL: Step 3.5: Publicise in Global

ALSO OPTIONAL: Step 3.6: Volunteer to write a note for someone without Penpersonship
(Below or in Global)

Step 4: Repeat
Notes don't last forever, so come back and write another, and drop another. We won't even mind if it's the same note. My vision has Adanac covered in memories and expressions, all the way until the end...


I would also like to NOT take responsibility for the entire of Project GNG - in the spirit of Glitch, this ought to be a crowdsourced, co-operative project. Let someone, anyone start part 2, and then part 3. I'm sure the final parties will be epic and fantasmogorical affairs!

We will see Glitch off in style. :)

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  • That was fun.  It wasn't the first End Of The World (I think it was the second,or third.   There were a couple of re-sets before) but still it was fun to "let everything go".     More fun than simple "end of the test" parties (end of the beta test week).

    I think it was mostly fun because we knew we were coming back for the launch and it wasn't really an END.
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  • Thanks Treesa :) (Edited OP for accuracy)

    And even though we were looking forward to launch, the parties themselves were fun /on top of/ that: that makes them worthwhile, even when there won't be a launch, in my opinion. :)
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  • we should have one last gathering in thornfad layers to celebrate the life and times of glitch. Have someone (maybe me, I'm an aspiring poet) write a poem and then see how many people will participate. 
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  • There were  a few  dozen EOTW parties when the game was closed more often than it was open.  Doesn't take away from making this the biggest bestest ever..except.. all the other parties ended with us knowing that the closed sign was temporary.
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