Glitch Closing (sorry about another one)

With 3 weeks left of Glitching I feel as if my world might end i was only introduced a few weeks ago and those weeks were the best. I might be early to right this but i feel little time is left I hope we all find something as good as glitch but I have a feeling I won't. Thank you all who left bags for me without with I'd be nothing (I currently have 7 bags I found 5 of them saving me 5,000 currents Thank you whoever you are.) That just shows how great of a community you all are from the flamangos to my friends It's been a great journey I wish this didn't have to happen but theres nothing we can do (Unless we can get enough money...) but doing that again and again will help no one so in the end glitch made the difference between mindless time-killers to fun games. This is the first time i've wrote in a game and probely the last time because nothing else will mean the same to me. 

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