Free Cubimal Lotto! Lets have one more drawing. CLOSED

Hey everyone! I just became (quite literally the day of glitch shut down announcement) one of the new admins for the original cubimal lottery; before our time is up I would like to have my first and final cubimal drawing.
It will be completely free.

The Prizes will begin to be mailed out later today. It may take up to 3 days to receive your prize if you are not a major winner.- Great apologies to all the winners and participants i have been very busy as of late and I will be giving out more prizes today and until glitch ends.
The Winners!

To enter please post here Or post on this discussion.

There is NO LIMIT* to the amount of people that can participate.
There will be 5 major winners, 10 runner ups and everyone who enters will receive 1 cubimal box!

The major winners will receive 10 cubimal boxes each, and the runner ups will receive 5 boxes each.

~I hope you guys like fashion contests and tower/home contests cause I worked my butt off to make them, please enter even if you don't think you can win, cause there is always a chance you might! Also there is a TON of prizes so why not?~

OMG OVER 200 ENTRIES ALREADY!! A limit has been set to the number of entries that will be accepted, 300 is now the max so enter while you can before time and space runs out!

I will not be using powerball numbers or megamillion numbers to decide the winners; I will be writing each name down on a slip of paper and putting them into a hat, I will try to videotape this process and upload it to youtube so that everyone can see that it will be fair.

*Only 1 entry allowed per person per character.

~axton the creator of the cubimal lotto group has made a very generous donation to this contest as well as my other contests going on, the prizes will be increased drastically. :)~

~This project was sponsored* by Hoodjack Saken~

He sold them to me at a reduced price :).

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